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Jinggang Asia doors and windows Beijing North Fifth Ring Road red star Macalline store grand opening

in midsummer July, Beijing ushered in the opening of another new jinggangya door and window store. The new jinggangya door and window store, located in the Red Star Macalline on the North Fifth Ring Road of Beijing, came on stage with a new series of jinggangya door and window system doors and windows and a huge amount of discounts, which is an important step for the Beijing strategy of jinggangya door and window

with a new image full of poetic style, the Red Star Store on the North Fifth Ring Road of Jinggang yamen window has been warmly pursued by Beijing citizens, which is also an important breakthrough of Jinggang yamen window in exploring artistic doors and windows, and an important performance of Jinggang yamen window in high-end door and window design

as a high-grade home shopping mall, red star Macalline has gathered a large number of first-line brands and is an excellent home entertainment Procurement Center for citizens. As a long-term partner of Red Star Macalline, jinggangya new door and window store is located here, which also provides citizens with high-end brand monopoly and professional protection

during the opening period, based on the 10% discount of the whole venue, jinggangya doors and windows grandly launched the gift service immediately after placing an order, as well as the free upgrade of high-end hardware services. At the same time, there are also a number of coupons waiting for you to come, providing the most valuable preferential services for Beijing citizens

jinggangya doors and windows is a system door and window enterprise that specializes in providing customers with private customized medium and high-end home decoration doors and windows. It has beipai series, classic series, diamond gauze integrated windows and other system door and window solutions

with the gradual personalization, fashion and characteristics of consumers' pursuit of commodities, Jinggang Asia doors and windows has also self optimized and upgraded with the strategic vision of keeping pace with the times, launching unique door and window stores, product design images that are more in line with consumers' aesthetics, new VI and comprehensively upgraded product lines. Out of the high attention to the market and consumer demand, Beijing Hong Kong yamen window can go ahead of the change in the concept of mass consumers

at this stage, jinggangya doors and windows can become the leading brand of China's beipai doors and windows. In the future, jinggangya doors and windows can also shine in the international door and window market, and lead the world trend with Chinese quality and the power made in China





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