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1. Eliminate the height drop

considering the convenience and safety of the elderly and children at home, the first thing to solve is the plane drop of the whole house. The most consistent principle of general design is to build all spaces on the same level, so as to ensure the smooth movement of the whole family

specific methods: in traditional decoration, thresholds may be set at the entrance and exit of the living room door and balcony, which is easy to inconvenience the movement of the elderly and children. The feasible way is to reduce the threshold drop, or change the balcony doors and windows into non protruding groove floor glass doors and windows, which can facilitate the access of the elderly and children

2. Creating suitable door leaves

the convenience of ordinary swing doors is not enough, and simple and practical sliding doors are more suitable. Therefore, it is advisable to choose the sliding door as the door type of kitchen, bathroom, storage room and cloakroom

specific method: the width of the door leaf is also exquisite. Its opening and clear width should not be less than 85 cm, which is to facilitate the passage of wheelchairs or strollers. The door lock is also an element to be concerned about. Common ball locks can only be opened with a large grip. It is recommended to choose common downforce bar door locks, which are more convenient for the elderly and children

3. Ease the vertical drop

the convenience of the vertical space of the home is also an issue that must be considered in the design. It is best to avoid the use of folding stairs, rotating stairs, etc. Designing some low cabinets and benches is also a good way to alleviate the indoor vertical fall

specific method: it is the practice of many families to place shoe cabinets at the entrance porch. At this time, you might as well place a small shoe rack with a stool design here, which not only increases the storage space, but also facilitates the wearing and taking off of shoes. When designing the wardrobe, you can choose a clothes rod with lifting function, which can facilitate the elderly and children to take clothes

4. Orderly and safe electrical appliances

in the design, electrical appliance layout is also a knowledge. Both the lighting layout and the selection of switch installation position need to be considered comprehensively

specific method: in terms of lighting layout, strong direct light should be avoided, and lamps with too strange appearance should be abandoned. Soft and comfortable indirect lighting is preferred in areas such as bedrooms or walkways. Considering the safety of night action, the installation position of switch and the setting of foot lamp should be considered in place according to the specific situation





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