The latest trend of post-80s decoration style

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1. There is no chandelier in the living room

the big chandelier in the traditional living room is very rustic. It shines brightly on your head. It is not romantic at all, and it is not warm at all, which makes people upset and flustered. Floor lamps, table lamps, hidden light tubes and other auxiliary light sources can also be illuminated together. The key is "ambiguous" and atmosphere

2. The kitchen is in vain

because you don't need to cook and go to your parents' house every day, most post-80s friends design the kitchen as an open type. Although there are many pots and pans inside, almost all of them are new. There are only snacks, fruits and drinks in the refrigerator, or wine, and the function of pasting two people's big head stickers

3. Personalized background wall

the traditional TV wall, sofa wall and background wall are almost unused. Some stick wallpaper, some simply leave it all blank, some use personalized wall stickers to be garish. The most creative thing is personalized wall painting. Draw by yourself, or find a professional master to draw, and paint your favorite comics or patterns on the wall to become a unique landscape

4. Multifunctional bedroom

the "comrades in arms" around them generally believe that they spend the most time in the bedroom when they return home. Therefore, most of their bedrooms have the functions of living room and study. TV sets, speakers, DVDs, game consoles and other equipment are available. A six foot wide bed, two people can lie on it without affecting each other: reading magazines, watching DVDs, or talking on the phone




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