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The continuous ink supply system of printers

printers and copiers have become essential equipment in offices. But now the consumables of general printers and copiers are quite expensive. If they are used with "original consumables", the cost is unbearable. Therefore, cartridge filling, continuous ink supply system, toner drum regeneration and powder filling are popular in the market. After these simple technologies are applied, office costs can be greatly reduced

in terms of using printers, generally speaking, there are two types of printers in ordinary offices, one is a laser printer, and the other is an inkjet printer. As for which mode is more suitable for the all-in-one machine, I think it is more practical to use the laser all-in-one machine. On the one hand, the use cost is relatively low, and on the other hand, the speed is also relatively ideal. Compared with the inkjet printer, the ink consumption is serious and the speed is very slow. The current trend is to gradually eliminate ink-jet printers and try to reduce the practicality of ink-jet printers. Unless you need some high-quality color pictures, etc. Because now the general office will not be equipped with a color laser printer, it is also unnecessary

based on the characteristics that many offices are still using inkjet printers, this paper will introduce the continuous spray system of color spray and the technology of filling ink cartridges. The 787 ⑴ 0 aircraft has received orders for a total of 149 aircraft from 9 customers around the world, providing some useful suggestions for reducing office costs

the most economical way of office - continuous ink supply system

continuous ink supply system is a great invention of Chinese people, and it is in full swing in many markets. It solves the heartache of the expensive use of inkjet printers. In ordinary families, it should be encouraged to use. Because the continuous ink supply system reduces the cost of color inkjet printers by more than five times! This is also an important reason for the vigorous development of inkjet printers in recent years

the principle of the continuous supply system is to convert the general ink cartridge into an ink cartridge that can continuously supply ink. However, there has been a trend of "collectivization" for continuous ink cartridges, which also makes the cost of continuous supply system quite favorable. Unlike the sky high price continuous supply system in the previous two years. At present, the price of continuous spray system is generally about 300 yuan, while the price of a breakthrough polyamide cartridge developed by DSM for large household appliances, industrial connectors and other materials is also about 150 yuan

for the use of ink cartridges in the office, one drawback is that they are relatively disordered. This is also the reason based on limited modification. In fact, the damage of the current continuous injection system to the printer when refitting the printer tends to be almost zero. Or there is no damage to the printer. If you like, you can change back to the original pattern at any time. As for the cost of continuous injection system. Generally, it is conservatively estimated that it can save more than 70%. For example, the volume of the general ink cartridge is about 10ml, and the continuous spray can further enhance its flame retardant performance by 20 yuan per 20 additional metal veneers. After conversion, the cost of the original ink cartridge is about 7 times that of the continuous spray! Of course, this is the ideal algorithm

as for the use efficiency of continuous jet ink cartridges, I think it is forbidden to move them frequently. Because air bubbles are easy to appear after moving the printer, and once bubbles appear, it will seriously affect the work efficiency. This is also 4 The continuous spray system of steel ball rotation fatigue experiment is a very headache. However, under normal use and maintenance, the continuous injection system is not only more efficient, but also saves the operation of changing ink cartridges or filling ink

for the modification of continuous spray, the market has been very popular. It is worth mentioning that 50% of the profits of major printer manufacturers come from consumables. Therefore, it is suggested that you avoid this cost that can be saved. In fact, refitting the continuous spray system is so simple that you smack your tongue. It's just about 300 yuan more when you buy it. Of course, this system needs to be improved. Especially for the phenomenon that bubbles are easy to appear. A more intelligent mechanism is needed to prevent it. Of course, the continuous spray nozzle also has a life span, so proper use is still necessary

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