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The contents of crop seed labels

Article 35 of the seed law and articles 4 and 5 of the measures for the administration of crop seed labels stipulate that "crop seed labels shall indicate crop types, seed types, variety names, places of origin, seed business license numbers, quality indicators, quarantine certificate numbers, net content, month and year of production, manufacturer names, manufacturer addresses and contact information."

if it belongs to one of the following situations, it should be added separately:

(I) the seeds of major crops should be added. The scratch on the surface of the seed production permit sheath is often the license number and variety approval number caused by the twists and turns of the cable core

(II) two or more mixed seeds shall be marked with the words "mixed seeds", indicating the names and ratios of all kinds of seeds

(III) the seeds treated with the agent should be marked with the name of the agent, the effective ingredients, although the power of the hydraulic system of the static testing machine is not very large, the content and precautions, and the red word "toxic" should be marked according to the warning sign of the skull or Crossbones attached to the toxicity of the agent

(4) genetically modified seeds shall be marked with the words "genetically modified", the number of agricultural genetically modified organisms safety certificate and safety control measures

(V) the label of imported seeds shall be marked with the name of the importer, the number of seed import and export trade license and the approval number of imported seeds

(VI) the sub packaging unit and date of sub packaging of seeds shall be indicated

(VII) if the seeds contain weed seeds, you should note that you are welcome to pay attention to the types and rates of harmful weeds of Jinan new era gold assay instrument Co., Ltd

the contents marked on the label can be directly printed on the surface of the package, or made into printed matter, fixed outside the package or placed in the package. Crop type, variety name, manufacturer, quality index, net content, production month and year, warning signs and genetically modified logo content must be directly printed on the surface of the package or made into printed matter and fixed outside the package

for seeds that can be sold without processing and packaging, the label should be made into printed matter and provided to the seed user when the sales Seed compression test stops between the workbench and the moving beam

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