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The continuous track gauge measuring car jointly built by Shike and the Academy of Railway Sciences unveiled fa/pa

whether the pressure is too high or too low. Recently, Guangzhou Shike sensor Co., Ltd. dressed up to attend the 2007 Beijing fa/pa. In addition to displaying a full range of products, schke also exhibited a continuous track gauge measuring car with the Academy of Railway Sciences. The birth of the car explained the performance and requirements of schke products tested on track according to the needs of flexible packaging film, and the successful application in the transportation industry, so that visitors who came to the exhibition had a more in-depth understanding and understanding of schke products

the Academy of Railway Sciences is an important partner of sick company in Germany. They use sick sensors in a variety of applications in railway safety detection. The continuous track gauge measuring trolley on display this time is one of the representative products

the detection system uses a compact industrial computer to control the ld360 laser scanning sensor and two encoders of sick company, which realizes the continuous measurement of the track gauge, and can measure the contact guide height and track gauge at the same time, realizing the automatic increase and decrease of mileage. The traditional laser ranging technology is used to measure the gauge, which has high accuracy but low efficiency. Measuring a section takes a few minutes or even longer, which is suitable for construction acceptance, etc. 2 At present, a new round of technological and industrial revolution in the world is about to emerge. Urethane foam materials: water vapor transmission rate of 2.8 g/m2/h; Thermal conductivity (⑴ 63 ℃) ≤ 0.019 w/(m · K); Oxygen index (%) ≥ 24; Vertical combustion (20s internal flame tip height mm ≤ 110 ~ 120 (ignition and self extinguishing), etc. For daily inspection, the accuracy requirement is relatively low, but it requires high detection efficiency and speed. The continuous track gauge measuring car adopts laser scanning technology, which greatly improves the detection speed. It can detect 4-5 kilometers of lines per hour, which can meet the requirements of rapid and continuous detection, and can be applied to any position of the road

through the actual measurement of the detection system, it shows that the laser scanning technology can realize the rapid and continuous detection of the gauge and meet the actual needs. The measured data also shows that after years of track maintenance and tunnel maintenance, the actual tunnel section has changed greatly from the original design section. The application of laser scanning detection technology can timely and accurately detect the limit condition, understand the actual state and changes of lines, platforms, bridges and tunnels, and ensure the safety of rail transit transportation

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