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Contents and steps of automatic programming

NC programming is the process from part drawing to obtaining qualified NC machining program, and its task is to calculate the tool location in machining. The tool location is generally the intersection of the tool axis and the tool surface, and the tool axis vector should be given in multi axis machining. The main contents of NC programming include: analyzing the part drawing, determining the processing process, mathematical processing, writing the part processing program, inputting the NC system, program inspection and first piece trial cutting

according to the complexity of the problem, the NC machining program can be obtained by manual programming or computer automatic programming. At present, computer automatic programming adopts graphic interactive automatic programming, that is, computer-aided programming. This automatic programming system is a highly integrated automatic programming system of CAD (Computer Aided Design) and cam (Computer Aided Manufacturing), but it can also accurately measure the process through physical characteristics. It is usually called cad/cam system, and its workflow is shown in the figure

cam programming is the most advanced NC machining programming method at present. It uses computers to complete the whole process of part geometry computerization, trajectory generation and machining simulation to NC program generation in the form of human-computer interaction graphics. The operation process is vivid, efficient and has a low probability of error. Moreover, the existing CAD design results can be shared through the data interface of the software, so as to realize the integration of cad/cam and realize the design and manufacturing without drawings

steps of computer-aided programming:

in order to adapt to the machining, multi axis machining and high-speed machining of complex shape parts, the general steps of computer-aided programming are:

(1) geometric modeling of parts

for the NC programming of complex shape parts based on drawings and surface feature point measurement data, the first step is to establish the geometric model of the processed parts

(2) reasonable selection of processing scheme and processing parameters

the efficiency and quality of NC processing depend on the reasonable selection of processing scheme and processing parameters, among which the optimal selection of cutting tools, tool axis control mode, tool path and feed speed is the premise to meet the processing requirements, normal operation of machine tools and tool life

(3) tool path generation

tool path generation is the most important content in NC machining of complex shape parts. Whether effective tool paths can be generated directly determines the possibility, quality and efficiency of machining. The primary goal of tool path generation is to make the generated tool path meet the requirements of no interference, no collision, smooth path, smooth cutting load and high code quality. At the same time, the path generation of knife cross-linking reaction tool should also meet the conditions of good versatility, good stability, high programming efficiency, small amount of code and so on

(4) NC machining simulation

due to the complexity of the shape of parts and the complexity of the processing environment, it is very difficult to ensure that the generated processing program does not have any problems, the most important of which are over cutting and under cutting in the processing process, the rule accuracy requirements of machine tool components to meet the actual force and displacement, the interference and collision between the adjustments of the experimental machine, etc. For high-speed machining, these problems are often fatal. Therefore, it is necessary to take certain measures to check and correct the processing program before actual processing. NC machining simulation verifies and optimizes the machining program by simulating the machining environment, tool path and material cutting process. It has the characteristics of good flexibility, low cost, high efficiency, safety and reliability, and is an important measure to improve the efficiency and quality of programming

(5) post processing

post processing is an important part of NC machining programming technology. It converts the tool position data generated by general pre-processing into NC machining programs suitable for specific machine tool data. Its technical contents include machine tool kinematics modeling and solution, machine tool structure error compensation, machine tool motion nonlinear error verification and correction, machine tool motion stability verification and correction, feed speed verification and correction, code conversion, etc. Therefore, post-processing plays an important role in ensuring the processing quality, efficiency and reliable operation of machine tools

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