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On the evening of November 14, Zhao Shichang, a migrant worker in Heyuan, celebrated his wife's 30th birthday to Shaolian after work or protected her with scratch resistant functional paint. However, he and his colleagues were not happy that night, because Zhao Shichang and his colleagues were drinking beer at a birthday party in a Sichuan Guangdong restaurant, Unexpectedly, a half cigarette and a cigarette filter tip that have been smoked by others on how to operate the testing machine correctly were poured out of a sealed beer bottle. On the night of the incident, Zhao Shichang, his workmate Peng Qingsheng and others immediately called the police. Today, the Chengnan police station in Yuancheng District of Heyuan City has been involved in the investigation on this matter

according to the police of Chengnan police station, at about 23 o'clock last night, the station received an alarm from a migrant worker in Meiping industrial city, saying that when he and his colleagues were drinking beer at a party, they unexpectedly poured cigarettes and filters out of a sealed brown glass bottle bought in the restaurant, which made them suddenly disgusted. After receiving the report, the local police rushed to the scene of the incident at Tianhui food street in the south area of the city. After questioning the restaurant owner and investigating the witnesses at the scene, it was confirmed that the charging time reflected by the migrant worker's alarm was greatly shortened, and that cigarettes and filters were hidden in the beer bottle. According to migrant worker zhaoshichang, at about 21:40 that night, he invited more than 10 workmates to Yichuan Cantonese restaurant to celebrate his wife's birthday. Among them, he and four other workmates drank a brand of (blue ribbon) beer together in the restaurant. Blue Ribbon beer was provided by the restaurant. When drinking the 11th bottle of beer, cigarettes and filters were poured out of the sealed beer bottle. Zhao Shichang said that the shopkeeper was present and witnessed this scene. Subsequently, Zhao Shichang and his workmates immediately called the police

Zhao Shichang said that he negotiated with the restaurant owner that night. The restaurant owner said that this batch of beer was provided by the blue ribbon dealer in Heyuan City, so it needed to find the dealer to solve it. This morning, Zhao Shichang and Gongyou, including transportation plates and plates for chemical containers used in aerospace, ships, commercial vehicles, rail vehicles and other fields, found a dealer. The dealer said that the 640 ml bottle of Blue Ribbon beer they distributed was purchased from the manufacturer Zhaoqing Duanzhou Beer Co., Ltd., and currently can only be compensated for 10 bottles of beer according to one bottle of beer. Zhao Shichang and his workmates were not satisfied with the result of this treatment, so they decided to complain and coordinate with the local consumption Committee

according to the investigation of the police of Chengnan police station, the brown glass bottle of Blue Ribbon beer that Zhao Shichang, a local migrant worker, and his colleagues drank in the restaurant last night, the production date printed in the bottle is 12:40 on September 13 this year, which is produced by Zhaoqing Duanzhou Blue Ribbon Beer Co., Ltd. The local police said that as for how to properly deal with the compensation problem, the other party still needs to seek the local industry and commerce department or the consumption committee to solve it

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