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Continuous development and innovation of granulator

as an important equipment in the pharmaceutical industry, granulator has been constantly developing and innovating. The granulating machine has fast granulation and good effect. It is designed with special holes and carefully screened. Its friction filter rod can break and screen solid particles. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. It can replace the swing granulator and is a new generation of granulator

the granulator is mainly composed of polyurethane promising feeding, mixing, granulating, transmission and lubrication systems. The working process requires that the mixing powder with a water content of no more than 15% enter the feeding auger from the hopper, obtain the appropriate material flow by adjusting the speed of the stepless speed regulation motor, and then enter the mixer, stir it with steam through the mixing rod for conditioning. If molasses or grease needs to be added, it is also added from the mixing drum for conditioning with steam, The amount of grease added is generally not more than 3%, so use lm78053 terminal regulator to stabilize the 12V voltage taken out, otherwise it is difficult to form. After conditioning, the temperature of mixing powder can reach 64 ~ 85 ℃, and the humidity can reach 14 ~ 16%. Then, the iron impurities mixed in the powder are removed through the optional iron absorption device through the chute, and finally enter the pressing room for granulation

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