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Three benchmarks of CNC cutting machine industry

three benchmarks of CNC cutting machine industry are cutting height, cutting speed and cutting thickness. The following is a brief introduction to these three benchmarks

cutting height

cutting height is also called cutting nozzle height, which is simply understood as the distance between the cutting nozzle point and the cutting material. In CNC plasma cutting machines, which can increase a large number of jobs, the distance is generally 4-10mm. It is the same as the internal shrinkage of the electrode. The distance should be appropriate to give full play to the cutting efficiency of the plasma arc, otherwise the cutting efficiency and cutting quality will be reduced or the cutting nozzle will be burned out; On the CNC flame cutting machine, the height range is about 5-12mm. For the grasp of cutting height, if the operator's experience is limited, it is recommended that the user install an automatic government team. The current transformation method is mainly to replace the traditional DC machine with the exchange electromechanical machine, and continue to adhere to the post elevation system to reduce the impact of misoperation

cutting speed

the processing speed range of CNC plasma cutting machine is about mm/min, and the actual processing speed is generally controlled at 2000mm/min. First, there are many parameters that affect the speed setting of plasma cutting machine. In principle, they directly affect the compression effect of plasma arc, that is, the temperature and energy density of plasma arc, and the high temperature and high energy of plasma arc determine the cutting speed, Therefore, all the above factors are related to the cutting speed. On the premise of ensuring the cutting quality, the cutting speed should be improved as much as possible. This not only improves productivity, but also reduces the deformation of the cut parts and the heat affected area of the slit area. If the cutting speed is not appropriate, the effect is opposite, and will increase the slag adhesion and reduce the cutting quality

the processing speed range of CNC flame cutting machine is mm/min, and the actual processing speed is generally controlled at mm/min. Compared with plasma cutting, the flame walking speed is slow, supplemented by the experience and technology of the operator, which can effectively ensure the perpendicularity and quality of the cutting surface. In the actual processing, the operator needs to pay more attention to the control of the flame temperature, which needs to be grasped by the comprehensive cutting thickness

cutting thickness

the thickness of materials is an important reference quantity for NC cutting machine processing. The embodiment of NC plasma cutting machine on cutting thickness is through the control of the output current of plasma power supply. Because there is no tap type gear adjustment control for machine plasma power supply, the output current will automatically change according to the cutting effect within a certain range, which reduces the burden of the operator to a certain extent. Here, Just pay attention to the limit of each model of plasma power supply. Since this chip has no grasp of the cutting thickness and perforation thickness of the internal clock, it is forbidden to use it under high load for a long time and replace vulnerable parts regularly

the CNC flame cutting machine mainly reflects the cutting thickness in two aspects: one is the control of the cutting flame temperature, specifically the adjustment of the preheating time; The second is to replace the supporting gas pipeline. Generally speaking, it is recommended to replace the gas pipeline for steel plate cutting larger than 120mm

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