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The comparison of dark and light color systems used in packaging colors

because of the most frequent use of colors in current packaging design from the perspective of large-scale, comprehensive and high-speed equipment, the most widely studied results have been found. It is very common in many graphic designs (posters, hanging paintings or situation binding)

the so-called contrast of depth and lightness should mean that in the design color, the two colors of depth and lightness skillfully appear on a picture at the same time, resulting in a kind of relatively coordinated perspective effect. Usually, a large area of light color is used to lay the bottom, and a dark composition is used on it, such as light * laying. The subsequent molding operation puts forward strict requirements for the completeness of the preform and the mold. The bottom is composed of coffee color, or light yellow or white pattern lines are used in the coffee color block; It is also like using light green bedding; The green composition of ink 348 water-based treatment agent; Pink Bedding; Bright red composition; Light gray bedding; Soap black composition and so on

these are the contrast between the depth of color use. In this form, we can use it in some cosmetics packaging or some Western Wine packaging, especially in Western Europe

Chinese Changyu Wine, Shuanghui sausage and CJ meat products are mostly packaged in this form. This form of packaging is also common in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. The visual effect it shows is bright, simple, mild and elegant

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