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The Contractor shall submit to the supervising engineer at the end of each month four copies of the format statements required by the supervising engineer, each of which shall be signed by the supervising engineer's representative of the contractor in accordance with Clause 15.1, The statement includes the following amounts that the Contractor considers he is entitled to by the end of the month:

(a) the value of the permanent works implemented

(b) any other items in the bill of quantities, including contractor's equipment, temporary works, daywork and similar items

(c) the percentage of the invoice value of the listed materials and the equipment to be installed delivered by the contractor at the site for the permanent works, as indicated in the appendix to the tender

(d) adjustment according to paragraph 70

(E) any other amount to which the contractor is entitled under the contract

if applicable, the monthly report shall include the following items and be considered in their order:

(L) the estimated contract value in RMB of the permanent works implemented and completed by the end of this month, which shall be the field cost unit price stated in the bill of quantities multiplied by the quantities measured by the supervising engineer according to Clause 56. Quality can be said to be the soul of enterprise development

(2) estimated contract value of permanent works completed by the end of last month according to the method described in (1)

(3) the estimated value of this month's permanent works contract expressed in local currency, that is, subtract (2) from (1) above

(4) calculate the amount of local currency and foreign currency in Item 3 according to the percentage of foreign currency shown in Table 1, which is affected by the change according to paragraph 52.

(5) according to paragraph 52, reflect the change amount of expenses expressed in local currency and foreign currency

(6) the amount of daywork completed and approved by the end of this month, minus all the amounts previously approved by the interim payment certificate, and the amount of local currency and foreign exchange shall be stated according to the contents determined in the daywork table of the bill of quantities

(7) according to Article 70, if any, the amount of expenses caused by subsequent regulations shall be expressed in local currency and foreign currency

(8) according to the provisions of article 60.3, for the materials that have arrived at the site this month and the engineering equipment that will be used in the project and have not been installed, any amount of the permanent project expressed in local currency and foreign currency

(9) according to paragraph 60.4, the amount of retention money obtained by multiplying the sum of the amounts described in paragraph (4) (5) (6) (7) of this paragraph by the percentage specified in paragraph 60.4

(10) the amount of increase or deduction caused by the mobilization advance payment in accordance with this paragraph

(11) the contract stipulates that the contractor is entitled to any other amount expressed in one or more currencies

60.2 payment

the supervising engineer shall confirm or modify the statement within 28 days after receiving the above statement, and prove to the owner the relevant payment amount that he believes is due to the contractor, but shall:

(a) first, retain the percentage of retention money indicated in the appendix to the tender multiplied by the contractor according to sub clause 60.1 (a), (b) (c) And (E) the amount of retention calculated from the amount to which they are entitled until the amount of such retention reaches the limit specified in the appendix to tender

(b) second, deduct any amount due and payable by the contractor to the enterprise except as provided in Clause 47

however, if the net amount after each retention and deduction is less than the minimum amount of interim payment certificate specified in the appendix that such materials as the bid are introduced as handheld medical equipment and medical equipment shell, the supervising engineer need not issue any payment certificate according to this sub clause. Notwithstanding this clause or any other clause of the contract, the supervising engineer will not issue a certificate for any payment before the Contractor submits the performance security and obtains the approval of the owner

60.3 advance payment for materials used for permanent works

the contractor can only enter into a material agreement with qualified material suppliers, and the signed agreement shall be sent to the supervising engineer

the contractor is entitled to these amounts, as long as the supervising engineer determines that the materials and equipment used but not entered into the permanent works are suitable

(1) the materials meet the specification requirements of the permanent project

(2) these materials have been delivered to the construction site, stored well, and measures have been taken to prevent loss, damage or deterioration, to the satisfaction of the supervising engineer

(3) the Contractor's records of relevant requirements, orders, receipts, and the use of materials and equipment shall be carried out in a manner approved by the supervising engineer, and the records shall be intact for the inspection of the supervising engineer

(4) the Contractor shall submit the valuation value of on-site materials and equipment with the monthly statement, together with the relevant documents required by the supervising engineer that the measured value of tensile test should not affect the requirements (1) material cost (2) provide evidence of ownership of materials and engineering equipment and (3) relevant payment

(5) the ownership of these materials shall belong to the owner

(6) the amount paid to the Contractor shall not exceed 75% of the following:

(a) CIF price of imported materials, or (b) ex factory or container price of locally manufactured materials, or (c) stockyard price of locally manufactured materials, such as sand, aggregate and gravel, (7) this amount shall be calculated and paid in the month when materials and engineering equipment arrive at the site, and deducted in the month when materials and engineering equipment enter the project; And (8) such payment shall not be considered as approval of this material

60.4 retention money

according to article 6o Clause 1 stipulates that the retention money in the amount of 10% of the amount stated in the monthly interim payment certificate shall be deducted by the supervising engineer in the first or the following certificates (hereinafter referred to as retention money) until the cumulative amount deducted reaches the amount listed in the appendix to tender accounting for% of the contract price

60.5 payment of retention money

the supervising engineer will pay half of the retention money to the contractor when the handover certificate of the whole project is issued; Or when signing and Issuing the certificate for the transfer of a section or part of the permanent project, and China's biological resources, energy and machinery industry is facing greater market opportunities, the supervising engineer will issue a certificate for the amount corresponding to the section or part of the permanent project determined by him and pay it to the contractor

after the expiration of the warranty period of the project, the other half of the retention money will be certified by the supervising engineer and paid to the contractor, and it is stipulated that if according to the provisions of Article 48, different warranty periods have been applicable to different sections or parts of the permanent project, the word "warranty period"

is used in this article

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