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On March 27, China Plastics spot HDPE Market Overview

China Plastics price index rose 1.40 points to 1289.08 points, and China Plastics spot index rose 0.05 points to 1266.74 points

I. upstream developments:

WTI crude oil on the New York commodity futures exchange rose sharply today by $4.68 to $105.9/barrel, Brent crude oil rose by $3.39 to $103.9, academician Hong Maochun, Secretary of the Party committee and director of the Fujian Institute of material structure, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Cao Rong, director of the Xiamen Bureau of science and technology, Shen canhuang, Secretary of the Jimei District Party committee, Li Huiyue Wu Gaofeng, President of Xiamen tungsten industry branch Co., Ltd., and other leaders were invited to attend the construction site as representatives of the three parties to jointly build the project at $9/barrel

II. Manufacturer dynamics:

Daqing Petrochemical low voltage line a produces 5000S, line B produces 2200j, and line C faces shutdown due to lack of raw materials. The linear device produces 7042 pellets, the old high pressure equipment produces 18d0, and the new high pressure equipment produces 2426h

Jilin Petrochemical PE ex factory price list, 7042 granular material at 13810 yuan/ton, powder material at 13610 yuan/ton, HDPE film material 9455f at 13470 yuan/ton

Shanghai Petrochemical 1Pe produces dj210a, N150, q281 and ygh041

III. local market conditions:

the PE market in China plastic city is stable, with small fluctuations in some parts. At present, in the case of high cost in the market, the quotation is still high and difficult to decline. Basically in a dilemma. In this regard, traders have a strong wait-and-see mentality. Although the market supply of goods such as carbon fiber reinforced series ICF plastic and PST plastic to achieve super bonding with metal is relatively small, they are quite cautious about purchasing. At present, the mainstream price of HDPE in the market: drawing material yuan/ton, injection plastic yuan/ton, film material yuan/ton, hollow material yuan/ton

the linear price of Yuyao remained stable, and the actual market development and technical transactions of thermoplastic products at 10:30 and 11:00 were mostly lower than 14000; The prices of high and low pressure plastics fell generally, and the prices of some low-pressure injection molding products out of stock were still high

in Beijing PE market, the overall linear high-voltage has rebounded slightly today, with the linear quotation generally rising by 50 yuan/ton, the 7042 quotation at 13800 yuan/ton, and the high-voltage 18D quotation at 13600 yuan/ton. The low-voltage is relatively stable, the market shipment is relatively positive, and the transaction situation is general

the early quotation of Tianjin PE market is affected by the sharp rise in international crude oil prices, with obvious fluctuations. The market is in chaos, and the quotation situation is not yet determined. At this stage, the quotation of 0218d is 14050 yuan/ton, and that of 218w is 14300 yuan/ton

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