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On March 27, the iron and steel industry

I. hot spots

Wen Jiabao: reduce government intervention in the microeconomic sector: the State Council held the first integrity work conference of the new government on the afternoon of March 25, and Premier Wen Jiabao delivered a speech. Wen Jiabao pointed out that the centralization of power without effective supervision is an important reason for the spread of various corruption phenomena. We must give prominence to the institutional construction of strengthening supervision and restricting power. This is an important guarantee to prevent and control corruption from the source. Wen Jiabao requested that five tasks should be focused on this year's system construction: (1) improve the scientific and democratic decision-making system. (2) Standardize the power operation system in important fields. (3) Improve the administrative law enforcement management system. (4) We will improve the system of openness in government affairs. (5) We will accelerate the implementation of administrative accountability and performance management systems focusing on executive heads

institutions predict that CPI rose by about 8.1% in March: the abnormally high prices in February, especially food prices, constitute the potential energy for the rapid decline of prices in March. Among them, the rapid and substantial pullback in the prices of fresh food such as vegetables constituted the driving force for the CPI to fall behind the historical average in March. According to the data in January and February this year, non food prices have remained stable recently. We assume that non food prices continue to maintain this stable trend in March, that is, non food prices rose by about -0.4% this month. According to the data of the Ministry of Commerce as of the 23rd, it can be measured that the month on month food prices were -2.0%, and the overall level of CPI in March was -0.9%. Therefore, the new price increase factor in March is 3.0%, plus the influence of tail warping factor of this month is 5.3%. This month's CPI is the first choice for 8 large loads 5kn (1) 000kn and low frequency 0 (1) 0Hz 2%。 According to the data of the Ministry of agriculture as of February 24, food prices rose by about -2.8% and -4.3% month on month, and overall prices rose by about -1.2% and -1.7% month on month in February. As a result, the new price increase factors in February will reach 2.6% and 2.1%, plus the influence of tail raising factors this month is 5.3%, and the CPI increase this month will reach 7.9% and 7.4% respectively. Considering the biggest and most drastic drop in vegetable prices in March, the 7.4% calculated by the "vegetable basket" price index of the Ministry of agriculture may be low. Based on the above calculation results, we believe that the CPI increase in March was roughly 7.9% to 8.2%, with a median of 8.1%

what are the difficulties and Countermeasures of current economic and financial development: finance is the core of modern economy. Dealing with the relationship between finance and economy and ensuring the steady operation of finance is not only an important guarantee to promote social harmony, but also a major issue related to the overall situation of economic development. At present, we should pay special attention to dealing with three major problems: the difficulties of economic operation and the choice of control means; Reform of exchange rate system and reasonable control of Foreign Exchange scale; Financial opening ideas and financial security measures

CISA: steel prices may continue to rise this year: with the sharp rise in raw materials such as iron ore, coke and sea freight, coupled with the strong market demand driven by the post disaster reconstruction in the south, steel prices have risen sharply since 2008. Qi Xiangdong, executive deputy secretary general and chief analyst of China Iron and Steel Industry Association, said at the 2008 spring steel market situation analysis meeting of Lange steel yesterday that steel prices will remain high this year and may continue to hit new highs. Yang Jianlong, director of the industrial economy research office of the development research center of the State Council, also said that the steel industry has entered the growth channel and is expected to peak this year, and steel exports will rebound rapidly. It is expected that the steel industry will enter a cyclical adjustment from 2009 to 2010

Chinalco's huge overseas acquisition of Rio Tinto BHP Billiton has become the main target: after joining hands with Alcoa to complete the acquisition of Rio Tinto, Chinalco's overseas acquisition pace has not slowed down. Recently, Xiao Yaqing, chairman and CEO of Chinalco, said that it is inevitable that the group will make further acquisitions internationally in the future. The parent company will spend 20billion to 30billion yuan on overseas acquisitions

the Chinese and foreign coal export negotiations are about to start, and the export coal price may increase: with the continuous rise of the international coal price, China's coal export price will increase. Recently, it was learned that the coal export negotiations between China and foreign countries are about to begin in an all-round way, and the first foreign party to negotiate is Japan. It is understood that recently, Chinese representatives have contacted Japan on the issue of coal export, but the two sides failed to reach a consensus because Japan asked China to increase export volume and China asked to raise coal export prices. Analysts believe that the clarity of China's coal export price will also have a certain impact on the domestic coal price

Shandong Iron and steel group was listed on the 26th and will become the second largest steel enterprise in China within five years: it took nearly two years, and the integration of Jinan Iron and Steel Group and Laiwu Iron and Steel Group is finally about to achieve positive results. Informed sources revealed today that Shandong Iron and Steel Group, which has attracted much attention, will be officially established this morning

the task of energy conservation and emission reduction in Guangdong Province is arduous. In 2008, 4.65 million tons of backward steel production capacity was eliminated: Guangdong, a major economic province, successfully reduced the total emissions of lead screw sulfur dioxide and chemical oxygen demand last year. After the relevant person in charge of the environmental protection department of Guangdong Province released the relevant data for the first time on the 25th, he admitted that although the environmental quality has basically remained stable, the pollution control work in the province with the Pearl River Delta as the core is still very arduous. This year, Guangdong will cut sulfur dioxide and chemical oxygen demand by 4% and 3.5% again on the basis of last year; The construction of sewage treatment plants in 31 counties that have not yet started construction should all start before the end of the year; The elimination of backward steel production capacity of 4.65 million tons, small thermal power of 3.85 million KW, backward cement production capacity of 10million tons, "every piece of the task is arduous."

Jiangsu will implement differential electricity prices for 53 high energy consuming enterprises: Recently, it was learned from the Jiangsu Provincial Price Bureau that after implementing differential electricity prices for 58 enterprises with backward steel production capacity, Jiangsu Province will implement differential electricity prices for 53 Enterprises and production equipment since the electricity was copied on April 1, 2008. Most of the enterprises listed in the differential electricity price this time are still enterprises that eliminate backward steel production capacity

market analysis of Beijing spiral salon

on the 26th, the market price of construction steel in Beijing was adjusted slightly, with a range of yuan. According to the market monitoring of Lange Iron and Steel Information Research Center, the volume transaction guidance price of Beijing spiral salon is Shougang production Φ The price of 8mm general line was 4970 yuan, unchanged from yesterday; Φ The price of 12mm general line was 4970 yuan, unchanged from yesterday; Shougang production Φ The market price of 6.5mm high-speed wire was 4980 yuan, down 20 yuan from yesterday; Φ The market price of 12mm high-speed wire is 5000 yuan, unchanged from yesterday; Shougang/Tanggang/Xuangang Φ The market price of 12mm deformed steel bar was 5120 yuan, down 10 yuan from yesterday; Shougang/Tanggang/Xuangang Φ The price of 25mm deformed steel bar was 4960 yuan, down 20 yuan from yesterday; In terms of tertiary deformed steel, Shougang/Tangshan Steel/Xuanhua Steel Φ The market price of 12mm deformed steel bar was 5160 yuan, down 20 yuan from yesterday; Shougang/Tanggang/Xuangang Φ The market price of MM rebar was 5090 yuan, unchanged from yesterday

on the 26th, the market price of construction steel in Beijing fluctuated slightly, and the quotations of various businesses in the market were different. In recent days, the market turnover is general, and the test workpiece is disassembled again; The daily trading volume of households is about 1000 tons, and the arrival of steel mills is not much. However, due to the uneven market resource structure, there is a large shortage of secondary deformed steel bars. 16mm, 18mm, 22mm and 28mm specifications are relatively tight, and the price is slightly higher. The transaction between wire rod and grade III deformed steel bar is not very good, and the price fluctuates slightly. Before the introduction of the new price policy of steel mills, the market was basically dominated by stable medium and small adjustments

overview of steel market

today, the domestic steel market as a whole has maintained a stable operation. The prices of some varieties and local areas fluctuate slightly, and the market wait-and-see mentality is still strong; The construction steel market has been steadily consolidated; The plate market is generally stable; The coating, profile and pipe markets are dominated by the stable operation of Qee tech new thermoplastic composite preform technology; The specific market changes of various steel varieties are summarized as follows

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