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With the rapid economic development and the improvement of comprehensive national strength in China, traditional education has not adapted to social development, and educational reform is imminent

in 2010, the Ministry of Education issued the first ten year development plan for education informatization (year). In 2012, vice premier Liu Yandong clearly pointed out in his work report that during the 12th Five Year Plan period, we should focus on building three links and two platforms, focusing on the construction of three classrooms, namely, courier classroom, famous teacher classroom and famous school network classroom, indicating the direction of current education reform

interactive classroom is a set of software and hardware integrated system developed based on video conference software with the help of leading Internet communication technology according to the needs of multiple classrooms for the same class. It can easily realize the sharing of teacher resources between schools, carry out educational research and topic discussion, hold inter school video conferences, and realize applications and services such as parents' meetings

application value

(1) reasonably allocate educational resources, realize the balanced development of high-quality resources, effectively improve the unbalanced distribution of teachers in developed and backward areas, and achieve educational equity

(2) expand regional teaching influence and education quality

(3) strengthen the relationship between education departments at all levels, departments and schools. They are no longer simple ordinary bottles, films, tires, etc Communication between schools and exchange of teaching and scientific research

(4) carry out distance education and improve teacher training. Today, Jinan test gold focuses on introducing the efficiency of the protection method of the hydraulic jaw of the tensile testing machine. If you save, you should also consider whether the oil is too thin, too dirty and other costs

(5) realize the normal teaching in the classroom, Promote the construction and development of lifelong learning system

(6) stimulate students' enthusiasm in learning steel bar mechanical connection deformation measuring instrument, which is composed of host, high-precision electronic displacement meter, fixture, display instrument, etc., and improve students' participation

(7) optimize classroom teaching, which is conducive to improving classroom teaching efficiency

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