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Intercontinental oil and gas company visited China Heavy Duty Truck

InterContinental oil and gas company visited China Heavy Duty Truck

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on March 15, intercontinental oil and gas company rotated the oil delivery valve and accelerated the fuel cell research and development team led by Yang Lenin, vice president of the company at a fixed speed, visited China heavy duty truck. Wang shanpo, executive director of SINOTRUK (Hong Kong), met with Yang Lenin and his delegation. The two sides had an in-depth exchange on the development prospect of fuel cells and the application in heavy vehicles and other related issues of aluminum alloy door and window handles qb/t 3889 ⑴ 999

Wang shanpo briefed Yang Lenin and his delegation on the development of China's heavy truck enterprises, product research and development, market development and other profiles, focusing on the research and development work and achievements in the field of natural gas vehicles and new energy vehicles

Yang Lenin introduced the basic situation of intercontinental oil and Gas Co., Ltd. Founded in August 1984, intercontinental oil and Gas Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in oil and gas exploration and development. With the continuous development of the enterprise, the size of XY test bench is 100 × At present, it has begun to get involved in the development and use of new energy, especially in the field of fuel cell research and development. The main purpose of this visit to Jinan is to find partners

the visiting team members are Chen Zhongwei, chief scientist of Canada, academician of the Royal Academy of Sciences and professor of the University of Waterloo, Zhang Fang, deputy general manager of Haiwei information center of the Ministry of industry and information technology, Guo Changjie, senior director of the university enterprise relations center of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Wu Chenghua, general manager of Beijing Taihe Xinghua investment management company, and Dong Xinjian, general manager of Shandong blue ocean navigation, They introduced the current international and domestic R & D and utilization status and development prospects of fuel cells, and exchanged views with Ding Weiyun, deputy director of China Heavy Truck Technology Development Center, and heads of relevant departments of the technology center on the application of fuel cells in heavy trucks

Wang shanpo said that sinotruk is committed to building an international enterprise and is willing to cooperate with all powerful institutions and enterprises with advanced technology in product development and technology leadership. It is hoped that the two sides will strengthen communication and strive to make joint achievements in the field of new energy heavy trucks

accompanied by Ding Weiyun and others, Yang Lenin and his delegation visited the man technology engine production line of Jinan Power Department of China National Heavy Duty Truck Corporation and Jinan commercial sure traction machine company

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