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Application of industrial Ethernet in coal mine safety monitoring system

the mine integrated automation control system integrates various monitoring subsystems of the mine into the integrated automation control network platform through Gigabit and 100m Ring Industrial Ethernet switches, realizes seamless connection and organic integration with enterprise information management systems, carries out analysis, processing, statistics, optimization, release, and realizes the integration of "management, control, and supervision" of the mine. Br

the system includes ground monitoring host, data server, integrated platform software, Gigabit Industrial Ethernet switch (explosion-proof intrinsically safe), firewall, access switch, monitoring station, controller, transmission optical cable and twisted pair cable, etc. Compressive strength br

main functional features: br

1) it adopts open tcp/ip protocol, has strong compatibility, and supports can/rs485 bus and other signal access and conversion, which can be easily accessed to various mine monitoring subsystems; Br

2) it has powerful management functions, such as VLAN division, IP address setting, priority control, 2015 power management and port status monitoring, flow control, etc. At present, the focus of the industry is the efficient and cost-effective production of various vehicle parts. Br>

3) strong information integration ability, support com/dcom components, NetDDE, ActiveX controls, OPC, VBA, ODBC, FTTP and other technologies, seamlessly integrate all subsystems, and realize information sharing and Web query; B if these basic work can be done reliably, R

4) redundant ring and dual power supply working mode are adopted, the communication of the whole platform will not be affected by the failure of a node and line, and the redundant time controlled by the unique far ring protocol is less than 300ms; 《br》

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