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Intelligent water and fertilizer all-in-one machine helps soilless cultivation black technology to improve the quality and efficiency of fruits and vegetables

the greenhouse is clean and tidy, the soil is replaced by coconut bran, fertilization, irrigation, temperature and humidity control are automatically controlled by computers and various sensors, and a string of bright red tomatoes are seen hanging branches... In the wopusheng agricultural demonstration park in Daxing District, Beijing, we deeply experience the shock of agricultural technology

wopusheng technician is checking the growth of Soilless Cultivated tomatoes

"as the 'strongest brain' of the whole park, the intelligent water and fertilizer machine can obtain the best conditions for crop growth by using IOT and sensor technology in the greenhouse, provide scientific basis for the precise regulation and control of greenhouse environment, and achieve the purpose of improving the quality and efficiency of fruit and vegetable planting." Wopusheng technician told that the greenhouse is equipped with advanced technologies such as precise water and fertilizer circulation system, intelligent environmental control system and hanging three-dimensional cultivation, which has realized the intellectualization and intensification of fruit and vegetable cultivation

Beijing has limited arable land resources, which can be described as an inch of land and an inch of gold. "This soilless cultivation saves 50% water and 30% fertilizer than the traditional cultivation mode, and the yield is 30% to 50% higher." Wangyonggang, general manager of wopusheng (Beijing) Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., said that soilless cultivation can greatly improve the output of fruits and vegetables, save cultivated land resources, and reduce pollution and labor. This cutting-edge technology is the trend of modern agricultural fruit and vegetable planting development

"many soilless cultivation farmers use equipment imported from abroad, which is not only expensive, but also complex to use." In Wang Yonggang's view, even world-class planting technologies and products need to be adapted to local conditions in terms of research and development, application and service. At the same time, there should be supporting technical solutions and services adapted to local conditions in order to be truly used locally

Low temperature tank operation process:

"soilless cultivation technology sounds complex and is quite simple to use." Wopusheng technician told that while learning from foreign leading technologies, wopusheng technicians realized the localization of technology and the simplification of application according to local conditions by going deep into the fields and according to different factors such as domestic geographical environment, climate factors, water and soil conditions, fertilizer sources, etc., and the equipment cost was also significantly reduced to better meet the needs of the domestic market

the technicians of wopusheng are deploying the intelligent cloud control cultivation system

technological progress cannot be separated from talents. Talent is the core element of improving production efficiency, while science and technology step-by-step electromechanical can realize stepless speed regulation innovation through frequency modulation rate. Only by doing a good job in the construction of agricultural science and technology talent team can we insert scientific and technological wings into modern agriculture. "At present, the biggest difficulty faced by soilless cultivation technology is the lack of professional and technical personnel." Wang Yonggang said that in recent years, the company has strengthened talent training, and has opened more than 10 training centers for the practice of new materials industry across the country, increasing from 800 billion yuan in 2011 to nearly 200 billion yuan in 2015, and has trained a number of professional and technical personnel

now, wopusheng has established more than 20 precision agricultural production demonstration sites nationwide, used agricultural technology to build pollution-free vegetable bases, and is committed to improving the planting technology level of aviation food industry. It has signed a cooperation agreement with Changziying Town, Daxing District to build a precision agricultural production demonstration park covering an area of 120 mu, integrating modern agricultural production, processing, demonstration, research and development and training

Wang Yonggang said that in recent years, China has strengthened scientific and technological innovation and accelerated the development of modern agriculture. The contribution rate of agricultural scientific and technological progress has exceeded 50%, and good development has been achieved in terms of seed, chemical fertilizer and pesticide technology, and the improvement of crop cultivation technology. "The rapid development of wopusheng also benefits from this." He said

"technological progress is leading to profound changes in the development mode of modern agriculture, and China's agricultural development is gradually changing from relying on resource element investment to relying on scientific and technological progress, which will bring us unprecedented opportunities." Wang Yonggang is full of confidence in the future development of the enterprise

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