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Intech group or absorb products such as propylene oxide of Sinochem International polyurethane company

it was learned from insiders of Sinochem Group that Sinochem Group is interested in building its listed company Intech group (000411) into a pharmaceutical business platform whose quality and service life are inseparable. However, there is no specific timetable for this plan

Intech group is a leading enterprise in the field of pharmaceutical circulation in Zhejiang Province. At present, 99.65% of its sales revenue comes from pharmaceutical sales, and its actual controller is Sinochem Lantian group. The latter was formerly Zhejiang Petrochemical Building Materials Group Co., Ltd. in June 2008, Sinochem Group signed a capital increase agreement with Zhejiang SASAC, which made Zhejiang Petrochemical Building materials a holding subsidiary of Sinochem Group, and Intel group a listed pharmaceutical company under Sinochem Group. The above Sinochem insiders said that when Sinochem Group merged Zhejiang Petrochemical Building materials, it had not figured out how to deal with the relevant pharmaceutical business, but it was interested in strengthening and expanding the pharmaceutical business in the near future. The possible ways were to integrate the pharmaceutical assets within the group and to acquire some relevant pharmaceutical assets externally and put them into the Internet group

at present, Sinochem Group's main businesses are energy, agriculture, chemical industry, etc. there are few pharmaceutical assets outside the inter group, which are mainly pharmaceutical and chemical businesses, one of which is propylene oxide and other products related to pharmaceutical intermediates produced by Suzhou Sinochem International Polyurethane Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Sinochem International (600500)

the current strategy of Intech group is to expand outwardly. 2. Because the jaws of hydraulic universal pressure testing machine are often used in combination with connotative growth, while developing pharmaceutical distribution and logistics business, the company is also further cultivating emerging businesses such as biological products marketing, modern logistics, medical devices and traditional Chinese medicine production and processing. In recent years, the company has accelerated strategic mergers and acquisitions, carried out equity cooperation with Cixi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Wenzhou pharmaceutical supply and Marketing Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Haisi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and preliminarily realized the strategic layout of Zhejiang Province to occupy the first opportunity in the market. In addition, Intech group also carried out the construction of the traditional Chinese medicine industrial park project, transforming the original warehouse on Dongxin road in Hangzhou into a traditional Chinese medicine industrial park integrating the processing and marketing of medicinal materials and health products

while frequently acquiring related pharmaceutical businesses, Intel group is also divesting its non pharmaceutical businesses. The company announced in mid April that it had auctioned its wholly-owned subsidiary Zhejiang Yingte property to Ningbo Youngor, with a transaction price of 450million yuan, and had received all the money

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