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INTERMEC introduces reusable RFID in extreme environments

INTERMEC company has introduced a reusable and durable RFID tag, which can be used by the manufacturing and logistics industries in the extreme temperature and dangerous environment at the production workshop of Guangya aluminum

intermec, a new durable RFID tag with many political parties, has two kinds: EPCglobal Gen 2 and ISO B. It is available for global use and can be supplied immediately. Enterprises can use the function of RFID to track materials in required processes and logistics

its innovative broadband antenna design has superior performance and can be adapted to various materials such as metal, plastic and wood

because the intermecrefid LR label can be repeated, the following is about the preventive measures for the hydraulic jaw clamping phenomenon on the screen display hydraulic universal testing machine, digital display hydraulic universal testing machine, etc., and the cost of using the label is less than one cent at a time. Labels can be rewritten thousands of times. They are reusable assets, and the use cost is much lower than one-time labels. Because it can be used in the required industrial environment and has reliable performance on a variety of metals, enterprises can identify or track components, parts in processing, finished products, material handling equipment and containers in logistics with a label in production, supply chain and asset management operations

jeff woods, vice president of enterprise supply chain management of Gartner Group, said: "Because the RFID inventory management and asset tracking system can meet the disordered business requirements that other technologies cannot meet, it is an excellent project for enterprises. Since many companies are deploying RFID systems, the IT department must find ways to reduce user costs. In extreme environments, reusable labels around the world can solve the practical problems faced by many companies."

intermec's RFID LR tag size is 3.2cm × 14.27cm, with a durable, impact resistant plastic package, it can work in a dangerous chemical environment and a temperature range of -40 ℃ to 121 ℃, and is compatible with readers that support EPC Gen2 or ISO B standards. Units that have been equipped with EPC or ISO B standard systems apply INTERMEC LR labels to industry, transportation and asset management, which is convenient and cost-effective

intermec has many kinds of RFID tags and antenna chip components, including 50 EPC Gen2 products and various ISO B products. The company has RFID tags and smart tags in standard industrial formats available from stock. These labels are heat, moisture and chemical resistant. The products have been optimized for the main uses of RFID, including labeling the items according to the requirements of measuring the other tensile properties of chopped glass fiber reinforced plastics and lifelong identification of the items

source: Jiagong electromechanical

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