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The application of industrial Ethernet switch in the monitoring and dispatching automation system of water supply project

in order to make the Huangshan water supply project adapt to the natural environment of Huangshan scenic spot and the development of tourism, alleviate the contradiction of water supply tension in the scenic spot during the peak tourism season, meet the water demand of scenic spot tourism reception, fire control and vegetation protection, and achieve the modern management level, The automatic monitoring and dispatching system for water supply in Huangshan scenic spot, together with the water lifting project, Tianhai water purification plant project and Xihai water purification plant reconstruction project, constitutes a complete set of automatic monitoring and dispatching system for water supply in Huangshan scenic spot

basic principles of system design

in view of the wide range of water supply, scattered water storage points, water supply mostly flows to users by the height difference of the reservoir, as well as the high geographical altitude and special environmental and climatic conditions of the scenic spot, the water supply system of Huangshan scenic spot has a series of characteristics, The scheme design of this system strictly follows the following basic principles:

(1) the principle of safety, reliability, advanced and practical

select a mature and advanced distributed computer control system to disperse the control risks and improve the reliability of the system on the premise of centralized information management and scientific operation in the production process. Various on-site data are collected by PLC and transmitted to the central control room through optical fiber ring for centralized monitoring and management; The control command of the host in the central control room is also transmitted to the PLC measurement and control terminal through the optical fiber ring to implement the decentralized control of each unit

(2) the principle of hierarchical management of information and hierarchical control authority

the control layer of the system is divided into three layers: (a) central control layer: provide macro control of the system, coordinate the operation of each substation, deal with local accidents and emergencies, and maintain the overall coordination of the system; (b) Local automatic control layer: realize the automatic control of equipment (linkage and interlocking control) through the logic control function of on-site PLC. According to the different control requirements of each station, the control method and strategy of this control layer are also different; (c) Local manual control layer: when the control mode handle is in manual operation, the control intervention of the superior is shielded

the control stations of the whole system are divided into two types: central control station (master station) and secondary control station (sub control station). In the automatic mode, the safety interlock is effective and limits the possibility of operation. The control layer closer to the process has higher priority

(3) principles of openness and scalability of the system

the master station of the measurement and control system adopts an open computer local area network with c/s structure to form the system information layer. The master station computer exchanges data with each substation through the communication controller and related communication equipment. The substation is composed of remote communication terminals and instruments with logic control function. It mainly completes the collection of on-site process and electrical data and the control of electrical equipment. At the same time, it transmits the collected data to the master station and reports the operation of the substation

considering the future expansion, the software and hardware configuration should adopt an open structure as far as possible, and add appropriate redundancy in system resources, so as to realize reliable and seamless connection when new projects are built in the future

(4) principle of maximum protection of tourism environmental resources

strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the scenic spot, assign full-time personnel to formulate special safety construction manuals, do a good job in forest protection and fire prevention, protect the construction site and surrounding environment, obey the commands of relevant units in the scenic spot, and ensure the normal passage and safety of tourists

(5) the principle of convenient management and easy maintenance

in design, decentralized local manual/automatic control and centralized monitoring and scheduling are the main, supplemented by remote control. The whole system takes hutouyan water plant as the central dispatching and monitoring center, takes the general dispatching as the main line, and is designed in a unified manner by levels and modules. The management and control rights of some bottom equipment are decentralized to Xihai and Tianhai plants, which is convenient for hierarchical management and maintenance of the system

in order to facilitate maintenance, the electrical equipment that manages the automatic monitoring and control points of the three water purification plants and the corresponding water supply pipes and reservoirs is installed indoors. The following principles are adopted in the daily maintenance and management of the equipment: the equipment of each water purification plant adheres to the design principle of being attended by few people; The principle of unattended, regular inspection and maintenance shall be implemented for the pump station control of water lifting projects and the monitoring of reservoirs and reservoirs in remote areas

The overall goal of the second system design is to ensure safe, reliable and efficient operation of the whole system. With the central dispatching room as the communication, production scheduling and command center of the whole monitoring system, and the three water purification plants and corresponding water supply areas as the monitoring core of the distribution area, the following overall monitoring and management functions of the system are realized: automatic control of the main equipment of the water plant and pump station; Realize the water quality and level monitoring of reservoirs and pools in the water supply pipe; Monitoring of main operation processes, electrical data and working conditions of electrical equipment of water plants and pumping stations; Provide plans and means for fault alarm and emergency treatment under accident status; On the basis of various data and signal acquisition, realize the rational allocation and intelligent scheduling of water resources in the whole water supply system; Each water plant and pump station should be able to operate with few people on duty, and the management right should be placed in the central control room of hutouyan water plant

hardware configuration and selection of three systems

this system includes: 1 HP server, 2 Advantech hot standby host computers, 1 HP manager machine, 1 HP engineer station, 1 HPA4 laser printer, 1 Epson data report printer, 1 set of simulation screen, 1 projector, 11 Hirschmann optical transceiver, 5 Hirschmann video servers, 4 PLC hot standby stations, 7 PLC local stations, PLC Remote. You must pay attention to these precautions: 1 project station 20 front-end color cameras, 2 Advantech substation computers, 3 sets of water quality instruments, 19 sets of liquid level meters, 6 sets of switch liquid level meters, 14 sets of Danfoss electric valves, 15 sets of pressure sensors, 7 sets of Danfoss flow meters, ups12 sets, 18 control cabinets, several sets of control auxiliary materials and cables, etc

1. Network switch rs2-fx-sm/fx-sm

rs2-fx-sm/fx-sm redundant optical fiber industrial Ethernet switch conforms to IEEE802.3 and iso/iec8802/3 standards, adopts modular design, and specific technical characteristics: long service life, modular design, guide rail installation, minimizing the cost of users' spare parts; Fault tolerant redundant ring can be realized; Fast optical cable line redundancy; It uses spanningtree as network line redundancy, and the response time (SWITCHING) time in case of failure is 500ms; Up to 40 switches (fast media redundancy) can be connected in series on one ring

the industrial Ethernet switch rs2-fx-sm/fx-sm used in this scheme is a full industrial network product due to different mineral resources and regions of coal. It is a reliable heavy-duty design, and its performance index is far higher than that of general OA network products

rs2-fx-sm/fx-sm series switches have the characteristics of no noise interference, safety and reliability, fault alarm, fault location, fault self diagnosis, with hot plug, etc. they are installed in the way of guide rail, fan free design, working temperature range of 0 ~ 55 ℃, industrial protection grade of IP20, and long service life. The results of testing at room temperature according to mil-hdbk-217f standard show that its MTBF (mean time between failures) is 171000h (about 19.5 years)

the switch adopts dual power redundant input, and the optical fiber ring has the function of line redundancy and high reliability. Because the switch integrates hirschmanm patented technology, if the optical cable has a breakpoint, the self-healing time of the network system is less than 500ms

the backbone is 100m full duplex switched optical fiber ring. Because all switches are used, the whole network is divided into several different sections, and each computer and PLC connected to the network belong to different conflict domains, so as to ensure the real-time data transmission

the switch has two optical ports (100base-fx-sm) and five RJ45 ports (10/100base-t (x)). Each RJ45 port supports autonegotiation (automatic protocol) and allows users to manually set the communication rate and communication mode as required, which can meet the needs of industrial Ethernet products that do not support automatic negotiation. An additional contact is provided, which can record the status information of the switch directly as process data and be reflected in the configuration screen of the whole system. Internal software can be upgraded by modifying flashrom

a maximum of 40 switches are allowed on each redundant Ethernet, and the switch redundancy management function allows multi ring composite redundancy, which is convenient for future system expansion. With good security, unused switch ports can be closed to prevent illegal access of external devices

the switch is equipped with SNMP management unit and integrated with web-based management system, which provides convenience for rapid network configuration, diagnosis, fault location and management. Simple network management protocol SNMP precisely defines how administrators communicate with agents

at present, rs2-fx-sm/fx-sm has supported RMON tube. The RMON standard for remote network monitoring defines a series of information groups. RMON standard is another snmpmib, that is, another method to construct management information for data obtained by SNMP based management tools. At present, rs2-fx-sm/fx-sm has provided RMON support for statistics group, history group, alarm group and event group. The statistics group provides error information that is roughly the same as the management standard of the repeater and the upper clamp hub of the a-terminal clamping sample, including the number of packets, including broadcast, multicast and conflict. Errors include crc/adjustment, undersize/oversize, segmentation (including small and short events), and timeout transmission. The historical group defines the ability of RMON agent to generate huge data over a period of time and provides trend analysis. Alarm groups allow administrators to set a series of alarm thresholds. Event groups allow administrators to set thresholds for certain events. When the event threshold is exceeded, the management site will record it

2. Network video server vip-avtxc

videooverip (VIP) is used to transmit video images in real time on the existing data network. The system uses tcp/ip protocol to transmit real-time video images on Ethernet and Internet. Because the existing network is used, no new wiring is added, and the installation cost is reduced

(1) system composition: VIP avtxc transmitter can connect any pal/ntsc video source (camera) to the computer network, and then display video images in three ways: connect to pal or NTSC display through VIP avrxc receiver; Run the decoding software on any computer to display and use the web browser to display

(2) monitoring: VIP system provides outstanding video monitoring performance. It integrates all motion detection functions, can automatically establish a connection with the receiver and trigger an alarm, and its internal ring buffer can store the video image five minutes before the alarm. It has the function of remote control of camera. VIP provides transparent two-way serial communication port, which can be used for remote transmission of camera control signals such as rotation, pitch, amplification, etc

(3) image quality: the image signal meets the H.323 standard formulated by ITU-T, and has a high data compression ratio. It can transmit 30 frames of high-quality color images per second. The maximum resolution is 704576 (pixels)

(4) application: electronic monitoring of houses and fixed assets; Equipment control and remote maintenance; Access control management; Building security

3. Network load calculation (according to 100m full duplex mode)

(1) the maximum delay of each switch is 30 s, the maximum storage and forwarding delay is 120, and the maximum delay of packet transmission is 120. The overall maximum delay of each switch is 270 s, so the maximum delay of the six switches in this system is 6 * 270=1620 s

(2) minimum scanning time of no-load system (using rs2-fx-sm/fx-sm switch, 100m full duplex): the minimum scanning time is 34 * 5.76 s ≌ 200 minimum scanning time = ensure that the equipment collects and accepts all reactions (from 31

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