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Intellusiondynamics helps Stryker increase production. SmithKline Beecham (Stryker) is a world-famous manufacturer of pharmaceutical and health products. Intellusion dynamics products are widely and successfully used in its European manufacturing center Maidenhead factory in the UK. From production monitoring to its formula and batch production, the safety rope produced by Shandong Sida high tech factory/the load/time function for the measurement of the degree of freedom of all important structural parts in operation. The safety belt detection and testing machine is specially used for the tensile test of safety belts, and the test management is completed by the software of intelligence

with the help of intelligence dynamics, the automatic diagnosis of maidenhead factory: the system has automatic diagnosis function, and the production capacity of new products has increased by 250%. At the same time, the market launch time of new products has been greatly shortened. Through the use of ibatch, the production of new formulas can be completed in only a few hours, and all equipment has the maximum use efficiency, which has increased the use rate of equipment by 15%-20% compared with the original. Through the smooth operation of this project, Stryker has increased the stability, flexibility and diversity of its products, and established its competitive advantage in the market

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