The hottest interest rate hike is gradually set, a

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The dust of "interest rate hike" is gradually settled, and rubber is expected to rise

transaction review:

TOCOM rubber futures closed higher on Thursday, June 29, as the rise in energy futures and tight spot supply triggered new long buying and short covering. The benchmark December RSS3 contract closed up 2.2 yen at 308.7 yen per kilogram. At present, the rubber futures price is lower than the spot price, and the full-scale engineering development of large passenger aircraft engine cj1000a also makes the market show obvious signs of resistance. The good fundamentals of rubber make the market bulls choose to push up the rubber price when the international commodity market rebounds, and choose to leave the market to wait and see when the international commodity market falls, resulting in the recent volatility of rubber prices, but the market direction is still bullish. At present, Tokyo Jiao is obviously stronger than Shanghai Jiao, which also gives investors more confidence and support. As the rate hike announced at the Federal Reserve's interest rate meeting last night was as expected, the overnight market prices of crude oil and metals rose sharply, which is bound to drive the Tokyo market stronger on Friday

on Thursday, the laser rangefinder HuJiao was once again in the quagmire of finishing. Driven by the rising trend of glue at the beginning of the session, it opened slightly higher at the price of 24755, and then the futures price launched an oscillatory finishing trend with better coverage and tightness after a whole pair of goods were packed; The futures price once fell sharply in half an hour in the afternoon and reached the all day low of 24620. However, the subsequent oscillation made the futures price finally close at 24665 above the low point, with 118000 transactions within the day, and the volume can be significantly reduced compared with the previous period. At present, technically, although the price of the main 609 contract fell within the day, it is on the rise as a whole, and closed above the 5-day and 10 day moving average. The market is still optimistic. The fall in the afternoon belongs to normal bulls who left the market to wait and see the market, in order to avoid the risk of overnight interest rate hike. It is believed that as the dust of this interest rate hike is settled, the Bulls who leave the market will have to cover their positions again. At present, the futures price is close to the 60 day moving average, so establishing a position based on this can bear small risks

mainland perspective:

as the international commodity market is facing shock adjustment recently, it may be a key point of the global bull market. It is unknown whether it is a small shock or the fourth wave of adjustment that is enough to match the bull market in the past three years. Due to the strength of rubber itself, we are still optimistic about the price of rubber, but short-term shocks must be avoided. At present, the rubber price may rebound relying on the recovery of the international market. If you can enter the market above the 60 day moving average, you can set the stop loss below the 60 day moving average. Because the mobile phone industry in the highly rebounded human world is unknown, no matter who rules and when, it is recommended to set a certain stop win to ensure profits

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