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Introduction: with the release of the "government work report" of the 2017 two sessions, medical reform has once again become a hot topic among the people. This year, the two sessions promoted the implementation of various specific reform measures such as the tiered diagnosis and treatment system and the medical consortium through hard indicators to further deepen the medical reform. At the same time, the development of information technology has also accelerated the process of medical reform, and China's smart medicine has entered a period of rapid development

at the beginning of this year, the project of benefiting the people's livelihood of the interconnected smart graded diagnosis and Treatment Medical Center of Henan Provincial People's hospital was broadcast on CCTV, and smart medicine has become a hot topic of concern from all walks of life. As the overall formula of the project: as the deployer of the video conference system, Polycom took the lead in going deep into the medical field, always paying attention to and supporting the domestic medical informatization reform, relying on the successful experience accumulated worldwide, and providing support for domestic medical services with the most advanced collaboration technology. With the deepening of medical reform, China's investment in the medical and health industry has increased year by year. Integrating Internet thinking into medical reform, smart medicine, telemedicine and other forms have great development prospects in improving medical services

the full penetration of information technology helps patients take the initiative in medical services, and the popularity of smart medicine and telemedicine helps medical institutions truly form a patient-centered medical service model, which Polycom has always advocated and practiced. Polycom has been committed to making collaborative technology penetrate into all levels inside and outside medical institutions, from medical administration, medical education to telemedicine services, P it is estimated that the annual sales revenue will be achieved. In terms of hardware, according to Article 6.3 of the national standard gb/t2611 (2) 007 general technical requirements for laboratory machines, it has clearly stated that electrical equipment should have the ability to protect personal safety and avoid electric shock, and has made detailed provisions. With 5 billion yuan, Olymp has helped many medical organizations around the world establish a perfect daily cooperation system, which has really affected the medical model of medical institutions. In the Chinese market, Polycom uses the world's leading technology to create customized collaborative solutions and advanced services for medical institutions on the basis of in-depth understanding of the characteristics of domestic medical development

service system optimization improves the level of internal administration and medical treatment

from the internal point of view of the medical system, in order to optimize the allocation of resources, medical reform is often accompanied by the administrative management problems of the integration of decentralized departments such as staffing, finance, personnel, medical insurance, etc. Polycom's telemedicine system has powerful data functions and realizes collaboration and sharing within the organization, so as to achieve faster decision-making, improve project management and work efficiency, and reduce operating costs. At the same time, Polycom plays a powerful role in video collaboration in medical education. Using the video content management solution provided by Polycom, the medical team can share medical information, consultation videos and audio-visual files of consultation or surgery taken by other means with other doctors in the system at any time, and through audio and video exchanges, teach experience and solve various difficult problems, help doctors in grass-roots hospitals broaden their diagnosis and treatment ideas, and obtain the latest medical information and diagnosis and treatment skills, So as to improve the medical level of the whole medical system and provide patients with higher quality medical services

develop patient-centered service mode through remote collaboration

in addition to comprehensively optimizing the internal administrative operation and medical level of the medical system, realizing the flexible, efficient and face-to-face medical service form between medical institutions and patients is the greater welfare that telemedicine brings to patients. Telemedicine consultation establishes a brand-new connection between medical experts and patients, so that patients can receive consultation and treatment and nursing under the guidance of experts in different places in the original hospital, so as to reduce the cost of patients' medical treatment. Polycom's collaborative healthcare solution provides a wealth of telemedicine scenarios for medical organizations, from expert consultation, hospital visits, industry conferences to epidemic emergency command, remote diagnosis, and interactive public education. It can support patient-centered nursing and medical record management, form effective interaction among medical personnel, patients, and administrative staff, and reduce unnecessary readmission rates, Enable the entire medical team to collaborate across geographical barriers

in 2016, the state officially proposed healthy China 2030. Comprehensively deepening medical reform is undoubtedly the essence of building a healthy China, and informatization is the basic project of medical reform. In the Internet + era, the application of collaboration technology in the medical field has more and more broad prospects. As a leader in the collaboration field, Polycom has always been paying attention to the latest process of domestic medical reform. Through localized market insight and close cooperation with partners, LG, SK and meimeimeike have all purchased 3-yuan material patent licensing contracts from 3m, actively promoting the popularization of smart medicine. In the future, Polycom will continue to go deep into the medical field, further promote the popularization of telemedicine and smart medicine, and help medical institutions realize a patient-centered medical service model with the practical experience accumulated worldwide

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