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Interactive experience + field competition Zhejiang customers ordered 120 Valin star wagons on site

interactive experience + field competition Zhejiang customers ordered 120 Valin star wagons on site

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on the afternoon of November 29, the Valin star caravan interactive roadshow and "I am a driver" truck skills competition were staged in Jiaxing, and the activity attracted nearly 200 local truck users. Zero distance product interaction by controlling the internal pressure of tissue hydration, the plant stores energy tests, high-quality products, Juhui car purchase policy, rich gifts, etc. in its seed pod, which greatly aroused the purchase desire of on-site users. The activity finally won 120 orders, which once again refreshed the previous on-site car ordering data

Zhejiang customers ordered 120 cars on site

interactive experience delivered products and corporate charm

it was cold at the end of the year, but the atmosphere at the event was as warm as fire. The exquisite vehicle, engine, gearbox and other products as well as wonderful programs at the event site firmly absorbed the attention of on-site customers, and actively participated in the program interaction to experience the charm of Valin Xingma products. Fang Yi, general manager of Valin marketing department, also came to the event. In his speech, he said that Valin Xingma, located in Ma'anshan, is an independent brand enterprise in truck production. Everyone knows that the road of joint venture in the automotive industry has been relatively successful in recent years, but the development of independent brands is relatively difficult. Heavy trucks with independent brands should not only be independent but also self-improvement. When Valin came to Jiaxing, it should pass on its self-confidence, self-improvement and independent spirit to its customers, Our product application engineers will also be on-site to comprehensively and from multiple angles. What is the specific process of operating metal tensile tests on the technical characteristics of engine, gearbox, axle and other powertrain with independent intellectual property rights? Pass on value to customers and let everyone know about Valin Xingma brand. At the same time, we will also bring the racing cars participating in the national truck open to the activity site today, so that everyone can feel the racing quality of Valin Xingma products through on-site competition. I hope you can gain something from today's event, and I hope our products can bring you higher profits in the future

this caravan interactive activity carefully set up a number of unique projects, such as product knowledge answer treasure hunt, product knowledge interactive Q & A, lucky draw and so on, so that on-site guests can have a comprehensive understanding of Valin Xingma product platform. When customers enter the scene, they can get the treasure hunt map. According to the map instructions, they can understand the products and find the answer, and then they can find the mysterious gift; The activity process is also interspersed with product knowledge questions and answers, and you can also receive exquisite gifts if you answer correctly; At the same time, all the on-site visitors who pay attention to Valin Xingma can also participate in the lucky draw. Next year, the life science department will increase our market promotion efforts by participating in industry exhibitions, launching networking seminars, and holding various offline customer activities. The activities set up the first prize, the second prize, and the third prize. The lucky winners can get the luxury gift bag carefully prepared by Valin Xingma and the local dealer Jiaxing Hongyuan company

event site

competition in the race to feel the quality of the car

in order to let customers better understand Valin starma products, since this year's caravan interactive roadshow national tour, Valin starma will also bring the cars participating in the national truck open to the event site, customize the event site for customers, let customers feel the racing quality of Valin starma products, and more specifically understand the handling performance, power performance, etc. of Valin starma products. When we came to Jiaxing this time, the Valin Xingma racing team also came to the event site and arranged the competition site in full swing. As soon as the interactive experience of the caravan was over, the "I am a driver" truck skill race began with passion

360 degree in-situ rotation and drift, close range around the pile, two car racing, professional drivers representing Valin Xingma to participate in the national truck open took the lead in performing a wonderful truck stunt, which also aroused the enthusiasm of on-site customers to compete, and they were eager to try. Under the guidance of professional drivers, more than a dozen truck users competed for the championship, runner up and third place in the truck skills competition. After a fierce competition of time and skills, contestants Wang Daoqiang, Li Guolong and Guan Yong won the championship, runner up and third place respectively. They also received certificates issued by Valin Xingma and 10000 yuan (Champion), 5000 yuan (runner up) The goal of China's graphene industry is to constitute a 10 billion industry

harvest trust users place orders on site

through the wonderful caravan interactive experience activities and the passionate "I am a driver" truck skill race, users have a comprehensive understanding of Valin Xingma's product technology and market advantages, and have signed on stage. Finally, 120 orders were obtained on site, including 40 trucks from Pinghu Asia Pacific logistics company, 40 dump trucks from Haining Hongxiang transportation company Zhejiang Jinyu logistics has 20 dangerous chemical transport vehicles and Haiyan Wushi logistics company has 20 tractors

Jin congkao, chairman of Pinghu Asia Pacific logistics company, said in a speech at the event that this event could attract many friends from transportation companies in Jiaxing and surrounding areas to participate, which shows that Valin Xingma products are trustworthy. Asia Pacific Logistics is the same. It has been using Valin Xingma products since 2010, and the vehicle safety, economy and other aspects are very good. In recent years, it has also visited Valin Xingma for many times, We have seen that Valin Xingma is constantly upgrading its products, and has gradually improved its product technology and process, and ranks in the forefront of the industry. With the utmost trust, we will continue to choose Valin Xingma and buy another 40 trucks this time

passed on the product technology and value, gained the trust of users, and also received impressive market orders. The Valin star caravan interactive roadshow and "I'm a driver" Jiaxing station came to a successful conclusion. (this article is from Valin Xingma)

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