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Interfoam foam exhibition Lantern Festival viewing benefits! Only 2 days

no matter how far apart the world is, it is agreed that there will always be a return date

the day when flowers bloom in spring, When you and I met again

with the grand launch of interfoam2021 audience pre registration

the date of our meeting is getting closer

due to the industry appeal of interfoam

since the audience pre registration and registration

the national audience has participated in the welfare of

"register to enjoy the early bird price before March 31"

also greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of the audience

don't worry, there is a bigger Lantern Festival welfare

February, free pre registration

2 days, no limit

surprise, surprise

let you know the welfare channel in advance now

welfare channel

Step 1: get and copy the invitation code for free

follow the official account of "interfoam foaming materials exhibition", reply to "Happy Lantern Festival" to get the free invitation code and copy it! Click "audience" - "audience pre registration" in the menu bar to enter the information filling interface

step 2: fill in the audience pre registration information

Click to complete the audience pre registration process

step 3: paste the invitation code

after filling in the information, enter the last step to pop up the "pre registration notice of spectators", drop down the "pay now button" to jump to the "payment page", click "invitation code" in the "payment method" option, and paste the invitation code. Click "pay" to complete free registration

step 4: confirm the invitation letter

receive the SMS verification code and the confirmation letter and registration code of the registered email, and please keep them properly and remember them

exhibition rights and interests

rights and interests - there are materials, quality and popular hard core exhibits for fresh viewing

learn about your favorite exhibitors' products and company introductions in advance through the "exhibition hall" or this official account's special friction coefficient tester for the film industry of interfoam official or by pushing the column "exhibits make customers feel warm for fresh viewing". During the exhibition, you will experience the top foaming material technology, products and equipment from a zero distance. You can choose from the ultra luxury product lineup

the self-service pre registration channel of rights and interests II eliminates the on-site queuing registration procedures.

after completing the registration pre registration, you will receive our confirmation letter and SMS of successful pre registration. You can enter the site quickly through the self-service pre registration entrance, which avoids queuing and saves time and trouble

rights and interests III appointment with exhibitors in the designated category. If it is a sample layer with an elongation of 1000%, you can register as a "top buyer" in the "audience pre registration" process if you need to purchase. As long as you enter your needs in the registration pre registration, the interfoam organizing committee will arrange an appointment with the representatives of exhibitors in the designated category for you

rights and interests 4 on-site simultaneous meeting is free to listen to, and face-to-face with industry leaders

during the simultaneous meeting, the organizing committee will invite experts and scholars from the industry and institutions, representatives of well-known companies and investors in the whole foaming material industry chain to give lectures on rich topics, so as to quickly expand your understanding

rights and interests 5 master first-hand information at the first time

subscribe to e-mail newsletters for free, instantly master industry and exhibition information, and have the opportunity to receive a physical collection of the conference catalogue

equity VI more unpublished benefits, please look forward to

audience service

visitors from Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan

Ms. Xue Jia

86 10

e @

overseas visitors

Ms. Zhang Wenting



interfoam foaming materials exhibition highlights, processes and special activities will be announced in succession. Please look forward to ~

April 2021, for the Shanghai International Procurement Exhibition Center, we will not see you.Stay

the exhibition stands in all countries:

pay attention to the interfoam foaming materials exhibition and master the first-hand industry news: interfoam

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