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The personal housing decoration loan of ICBC refers to the loan issued for the purpose of family housing decoration, with the property and rights owned by the borrower or a third party or entitled to dispose of according to law as collateral or pledge, or with the third party providing guarantee for the loan and bearing joint and several liabilities

in fact, this kind of loan should be a kind of small loan. Now let's introduce the methods and steps:

first, the loan applicant, the personal housing decoration loan of China Construction Bank, must apply at the business outlet where the business is run, fill in the application form, submit relevant materials, and handle relevant guarantee procedures

second, after the customer manager investigates, reviews and agrees, the loan contract is signed after being submitted to the competent approval department for approval

III. The customer manager handles the loan procedures, transfers the funds to the borrower's personal settlement account in our bank, and the customer can use the loan funds

IV. sign a decoration agreement with the decoration enterprise and pay the decoration money

at the same time, we should note that the borrower's personal housing decoration loan should also be repaid on time. Don't default on the repayment of the bank, so as not to bring "stains" to his credit. You know, in this credit era, credit "stains" affect our lives and bring inconvenience to our lives





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