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The effect of three design schemes of the top ten brands of fine wood craftsmen in China is amazing

because of the change of lifestyle, the room is small and the living room is large, which has become the mainstream of many houses at present, while the living room gradually carries more functions and its area has become larger and larger. How to make flowers out of a small room is a problem that young people often think about nowadays. Today, the editor of China's top ten brand fine wood craftsmen will explain the popular designs one by one

compared with other design schemes, tatami + study is well deserved. The design of tatami terrace and study is simple and clear, and it also maximizes the space, which is very refreshing. In the decoration design, we can use tatami to extend the bay window of the room, and match it with a customized workbench. In our spare time, we can also lie on tatami and read books. At the same time, we can also do the function of guest room, which is very convenient

tatami + cloakroom

for some small apartment rooms, covering the room with tatami is equivalent to adding additional storage space. Coupled with the customized wardrobe, upgrading it to a cloakroom will double the storage space, which is very happy

tatami + tea room

if the area of the room is relatively small, the combination of tatami and small tea table is wonderful. Sit on the ground and enjoy the rare tea time. It's really refreshing to think about it

tatami + children's exclusive zone

designing an exclusive tatami room for children will definitely make their love explode

the tatami with a low height ensures the safety of children, while the tatami covering the whole room widens the range of beds and makes children feel more free

"craftsman of fine wood" is a leading brand under Shanghai Huagang wood industry. It is a high-end home decoration wood brand with the concept of original ecology and promoting the new idea of "tasteless decoration". Since its establishment, the fine craftsman brand has always put product quality first, strives for survival by quality, and has focused on quality marketing for decades. In order to manufacture high-quality decorative plates, it adheres to the piece by piece inspection process, and provides users with high-end environmental friendly home decoration products. It is well-known in the domestic industry, has won the support and trust of customers and friends, and has established a good brand reputation. High end home decoration, with fine craftsman, decoration tasteless, more people choose

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