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Among the numerous sales forces, the scene of one after another is very spectacular. One group of people fell, and another group of people followed. The fallen man is confused and doesn't know how he fell; Those who followed were happy, and after a period of time, they also fell down with honor. If you want to survive in the sales industry for a long time, you should first understand the "cause of death" of those "dead" salesmen. If you understand the "cause of death", you have mastered the truth of avoiding "death"

first, fear of death

fear of meeting customers and being rejected. The word "fear" stifles the infinite potential of sales. The happiness of business activities lies in meeting different people every day, experiencing different communication scenarios, and constantly delivering value to customers. The essence of fear lies in caring too much about yourself, in "there is a ghost in my heart", and I'm dead without trying

second, those who want to die

think too much and do too little. It is a big taboo for business personnel to regard "research" as a business activity. Only a large number of actions, learning war in war, can we practice excellent skills. We will never learn to swim on the playground. Wisdom is something that erupts in practice. If we do too little and think too much, "thought" becomes the burden and resistance of action. Without massive visits, all technical skills and tools are useless "equipment"

third, lazy

don't want to pay, lazy word first, take "Lingfan" as their capital to settle down. Doing business is essentially the same as farming. A hard work, a harvest, how much you pay, the customer will receive, no difference. "If you are not proud, you will be lazy". Diligence, diligence and diligence are always the most simple and effective method for business activities. Without the word "diligence" to pave the way for business life, everything will be pale

IV. waiting to die

many business people are unwilling to take the initiative to expand customers, and always want to sit and wait for customers to come. In fact, there is a full stop called "initiative is the beginning of all opportunities". If you don't take the initiative to contact customers and expand new customers, how can you have any opportunities? Some people say they are doing it when luck comes? Luck will not fall on people who have not made efforts in vain. Luck - only when you exercise can you produce anger and bring luck! Those who do not move can only sit and wait for death

v. angry

in the process of sales, you inevitably encounter some difficult customers, some customers who hit you, some difficult customers, some customers who are full of rude words... Anyway, in sales, you will encounter all kinds of people with different personalities and temperaments. As a salesperson, if you don't have a tolerant attitude to face it, it's easy to be angry by these people. When you face these customers, the only survival magic weapon is: don't be angry

VI. starve to death

this is a very tragic way to die. Many people came to sales with enthusiasm at the beginning, but after working for a few months without any performance, they began to face a situation of poverty. In order to live, for the family, and under all kinds of pressure, they began to feel that they were not suitable for the sales industry and chose to leave

seven, can die

the "can" here is not a competent "can", but their own recognition of their own level and ability is too high, too self righteous people, most of these people have a little experience, encounter things high above, arrogant, do not communicate, do not communicate, get rid of the feelings of the team, no team meaning, the death of such people will be more distressing

actually speaking of death, we are actually looking for a way to live. Cartier doors and windows tells you: to live, you must adhere to it, and its core is: endure

Carty share: Xiaobian shares today that if you want to survive in sales, you must adhere to these four points

many successes come out of it, and so do sales! Because the longer you persist, the more valuable your accumulated contacts and experience skills will be, and your performance will be greatly improved

(1) stick to the same industry

although the sales principles of various industries are common, it takes at least three years for salespeople to fully understand an industry. Changing industries often will make you understand every industry, but not enough. And the sales performance is closely related to your contacts, relationships and resources

(2) stick to the same company

many salespeople are not qualitative and often change companies. Many salespeople change companies without performance for three months, thinking that they can have good performance in a different environment, and that they communicate well with customers. No matter where you go, customers will follow you, which is a big mistake

(3) adhere to customer tracking and maintenance

after initial contact with customers, many salespersons began to actively follow up after customers expressed their interest. But it didn't last long. Gradually, the number of communication with customers decreased, text messages and calls stopped. Soon, the customer will forget you. However, our work is not over after the transaction with customers. We also need to provide relevant services to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

(4) keep learning

(1) understand the company's products and solutions, and often make a summary

(2) continuously update the relevant background knowledge of the industry, pay attention to the development of the industry, and pay attention to the technical trends of the industry

(3) expand reading, understand all kinds of information such as politics, economy and industry, and be able to "memorize" some classic views, and be good at quoting classics




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