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The drafting of the national standard for hazardous substances in wood furniture has become the mainstream trend of environmental protection. The drafting of the national standard for hazardous substances in wood furniture has become the mainstream trend of environmental protection. June 6, 2014. The hazards of formaldehyde, benzene and other hazardous substances in the process of home decoration have always been of concern to everyone. According to the insiders, the construction, survey, design, construction, supervision and other units and individuals involved will be introduced, The household pollution caused by wood furniture may become one of the important sources of pollution. Recently, the national furniture and indoor environmental quality supervision and inspection agency said that the national standard for the limit of harmful substances in wood furniture (Revised) has been drafted (hereinafter referred to as the standard). It is understood that the provisions on the limit of hazardous substances in the new standard are more detailed, making it easier to ensure the safety of users

interpretation of the standard 1: furniture will not be damaged after testing

in the interview, it was found that many people pay more and more attention to the damage of harmful substances in furniture, especially the impact on children after the volatilization of formaldehyde and benzene. However, many people who have experience in furniture inspection know that furniture inspection is not a simple thing

according to the insiders, according to the current requirements, the dryer detection method is used when the furniture is submitted for inspection, and a plate sample needs to be taken from the edge of the furniture for identification. In this way, whether the test is qualified or not, the furniture has been damaged. Even if there is no problem after the furniture test, there is no way to use it

the standard has new provisions on furniture inspection. It is understood that in the future, the furniture can be put into the environmental climate cabin for testing. After testing, the furniture will not be damaged, which will avoid the above embarrassment

improve and refine the requirements for environmental protection indicators

the pollution of wood furniture is mainly caused by excessive formaldehyde, benzene and other elements. The formaldehyde emission in the standard is reduced from 1.5mg/l to 01mg/m3, At the same time, the emission of VOC (volatile organic compounds) has been clearly specified, such as benzene 0.11mg/m3, toluene 0.20mg/m3, xylene 0.20mg/m3, total volatile organic compounds (TVOC) 0.60mg/m3, etc. the standards are more and more detailed, which is also praised by many people in the industry as the biggest change in the new regulations

current situation of the industry many enterprises may be difficult to meet the requirements of the standard

the standard has more detailed and strict provisions on hazardous substances, which is obviously more secure for consumers, but what impact will it have on wood furniture enterprises? Lian Tianhong said that for many furniture companies in the market, this is really difficult to achieve. Because many wooden furniture have to be painted or pasted with wood grain to increase its beauty due to poor materials, rough workmanship, adulteration and other reasons, the report also puts forward the disadvantages of covering furniture. Because paint and glue contain a lot of harmful substances, it is natural that such harmful substances in furniture exceed the standard

environmental protection has gradually become the consensus of wood furniture enterprises

although the introduction of the standard has put forward higher requirements for enterprises, it is still found that some medium and high-end wood furniture manufacturers have taken the initiative to integrate the concept of environmental protection into their products. Yanyibin, regional director of ximengbao furniture, said that ximengbao has always been committed to making environmentally friendly furniture, including the use of more environmentally friendly wood such as pine in material selection, in order to reduce pollution. Liantianhong related people also said that in order to ensure environmental protection, liantianhong not only pays attention to material selection, but also uses mortise structure to replace glue and nails when connecting, and uses natural beeswax for maintenance, which can effectively reduce harmful gases

not only that, many decoration companies in Fuzhou are also processing and selling supporting furniture. Linhuang, manager of Wanxin decoration marketing department, said that they would pay attention to the selection of materials and processing of furniture, which have all been sold at ordinary times. Although they do not directly produce wood, they still strictly control the wood to ensure the health of customers

anti pollution measures wood furniture is mainly polluted by paint and glue

it is learned from the decline in production costs of many home furnishing stores in Fuzhou that consumers' preference for buying furniture has shifted from a single product to a complete set of products, and wood furniture accounts for the vast majority, including some furniture made of wood-based panels. Yanyibin, regional director of ximengbao furniture, told that the main pollution of wood furniture still lies in paint and glue. The content of harmful substances in wood itself is not high

he said that wood furniture should be painted, and glue should be used in the splicing process, which contains the most harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene. For example, the reason why many people say that wood-based panels contain more harmful substances than other wood is that wood-based panels are artificially spliced together with glue, so the pollution source mainly comes from glue

it is difficult for ordinary consumers to distinguish whether the furniture contains harmful substances. The natural environmental protection advocated by many manufacturers is often based on non environmental furniture for comparison. Lian Tianhong suggested that consumers who have the strength to buy high-end furniture should try to buy furniture that is not painted or colored. Although the unpainted furniture may have some color differences, the furniture does not contain harmful substances and has no pungent smell. You can see the clear wood texture

the test report provided by the merchant is only for reference

in order to meet the requirements of the national standard, each manufacturer will send its own products for inspection to obtain the test report. Industry insiders said that every wood furniture store said it could provide qualified test reports, but consumers still need to be more careful at this time. It is not that having a test report means that every product meets environmental protection standards. When purchasing wooden furniture, consumers should not only look at the style, but also carefully confirm whether there is a pungent smell. If there is, it is likely to cause harm to the body

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