The national standard for the hottest recycled iro

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According to Xinhua news agency, the national standard for recycled iron and steel raw materials was approved on the 29th, and the standard is expected to be released by the end of 2020

at the national standard review meeting for recycled iron and steel raw materials held on the same day, the expert group reviewed the scope of the standard, normative references, terms and definitions, classification, technical requirements, sampling and sample preparation, inspection methods, acceptance rules (1), friction reduction, transportation and quality certificate one by one, bringing together the Ministry of ecological environment Opinions and suggestions of China Iron and Steel Industry Association and other departments as well as typical iron and steel enterprises

it can be prepared according to GB, ISO, JIS, en and other standards according to the requirements of customers.

according to the introduction of the national standard preparation team of recycled iron and steel raw materials, recycled iron and steel raw materials are the furnace charge products that can be directly used as iron resources after classified recovery and processing. Compared with the use of iron ore, steelmaking with recycled steel raw materials can significantly reduce pollutant emissions. Therefore, recycled iron and steel raw material is not only a renewable resource, but also the only iron resource that can replace iron ore. It is an important raw material for the green development of iron and steel industry

China's current national standard "scrap iron and steel" mainly stipulates the industrial technology and scientific and technological level of domestic scrap iron and steel as a whole and relevant requirements. It is not applicable to be used as the standard basis for importing high-quality recycled iron and steel raw materials. The formulation of the national standard of recycled iron and steel raw materials will provide standard technical support for the overall utilization of domestic and international recycled iron and steel raw materials

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