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The national standard for decorative paper will be released and implemented in 2011

ppzhan news: it is learned from the national standard review meeting hosted by sac/tc198, the national standard for decorative paper, i.e. the national standard for decorative paper for wood based panel finish, passed the expert review on November 26, and will be submitted for approval in December 2010. It is expected to be released and implemented in 2011

decorative paper is an important raw material for melamine impregnated adhesive film paper facing wood-based panels. Melamine impregnated adhesive film paper veneer wood-based panel is a product with rapid development, high output and wide application. It is mainly used for manufacturing furniture, floors, doors and windows, cabinets, walk-in wardrobes, bathroom cabinets, indoor partitions and stairs. The annual consumption of decorative paper in China is close to 300000 tons, accounting for about one third of the total output. At least 43% of domestic planing will reduce the service life of aramid liners. Decorative paper is used for decorative panels and medium and high density fiberboards. This shows the importance of decorative paper to the industry. The formulation of national standards for decorative paper is of great significance to the healthy development of the industry and the protection of consumer rights and interests

there is no standard for decorative paper, and foreign advanced enterprises organize production according to enterprise standards. China has not yet issued and implemented the national standard for decorative paper. Only in 2009, the forestry industry standard ly/t "decorative paper for wood based panel veneer" was issued

the drafting of the national standard for decorative paper was coordinated by the decorative paper professional committee of China Forest Products Industry Association, and was in the charge of the Wood Industry Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of forestry. More than 30 scientific research, teaching, quality supervision and production units from the fields of papermaking, printing, dipping, wood-based panel, pressing, adhesive, ink, machinery and so on participated in the drafting. This standard is applicable to the decorative special paper of impregnated adhesive film paper decorative wood-based panel DPL and thermosetting resin impregnated paper high-pressure decorative laminate HPL, including base paper, printing decorative paper, decorative adhesive film paper, wear-resistant decorative adhesive film paper, surface paper, surface adhesive film paper, wear-resistant surface paper, wear-resistant surface adhesive film paper, balance paper, balance adhesive film paper

the review expert group highly affirmed the drafting of the national standard for decorative paper and rated the national standard for decorative paper as average. It can be applied to glass fiber fabric reinforced thermoplastic and thermosetting plates. The release and implementation of the national standard for decorative paper will play a positive role in standardizing the quality of decorative paper and resolving quality disputes

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