The national standard review meeting of polyester

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The national standard review meeting of polyester strapping for packaging was held in Beijing. On September 4, 2017, the national packaging Standardization Technical Committee held the national standard review meeting of polyester strapping for packaging in Beijing

the new polyester strapping for packaging promotes the development of the industry

&ems avoids venipuncture; The surface damage caused by the combined rough polishing of China packaging is a secondary consideration meeting, the national standards review center of the National Standards Commission, the national quality inspection center of construction machinery, the China Packaging Research and testing center, Beijing Industrial and Commercial University, Fujian Institute of product quality inspection, Beijing entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau, China Export Commodity Packaging Research Institute, Changzhou Far East Plastic 1, processing equipment materials Machinery Co., Ltd Experts, production enterprises and upstream and downstream units from Nantong Yufeng plastic steel packaging Co., Ltd., Shanghai Zili plastic products Co., Ltd., military civilian integration packaging development and construction working committee, national cotton processing engineering technology research center, Hebei Iron and Steel Group Hangang Co., Ltd. and other units attended the meeting

The meeting was presided over by Wang Li, vice president of China Packaging Federation and Secretary General of national packaging Standardization Technical Committee. Changzhou Far East Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd., the standard drafting unit, introduced the preparation process of the standard on behalf of the working group. The experts present at the meeting carefully discussed the contents of the standard one by one and put forward suggestions for revision

the meeting finally approved the standard, requiring the standard drafting working group to modify and improve the standard as soon as possible according to the opinions of the review meeting, and then form a draft for approval and submit it to the Secretariat of the national contracting and bidding Commission

polyester strapping tape for packaging is widely used in the packaging and strapping of cotton, chemical fiber, papermaking, photovoltaic, building materials, wood, can making, metallurgy, electronics, film, glass and other fields, which solves the necessary strapping and packaging problems in the processing, transportation and storage of products, and ensures the transportation and storage of products with intact packaging

this standard revision supplements a number of technical contents and testing methods such as the marking and requirements of embossed polyester strapping, the adjustment of specification parameters and the supplementary inspection rules. The revised standard is more suitable for the characteristics of products. The implementation of the new standard will actively promote the development of the industry

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