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The national standard for methanol as a vehicle fuel has caused many disputes. The national standard for methanol as a vehicle fuel will be officially implemented on November 1 this year. As soon as this news came out, there was a strong response both inside and outside the industry. Methanol production and distribution enterprises, gas stations, relevant associations, energy experts, etc. had different opinions and insisted on their own words. Since the publication of the standard in late May, the general view of people in the industry is that no matter what kind of statement is not the standard answer, it should be fully considered and aroused the high attention of decision-making departments. How to select the parameters of universal metal material machine

the relevant person in charge of the national alcohol ether fuel Standardization Technical Committee believes that the standard is the legal basis for the transformation of methanol from chemical products to fuel, and the methanol gasoline in various proportions is prepared based on the vehicle fuel methanol. This view has won widespread praise from the industry. They agreed that the approval of the standard has confirmed the new use and new way out of methanol, a bulk chemical product, from a legal point of view

for more than 10 days, he has interviewed the heads of large and medium-sized enterprises producing and selling methanol in Henan, Anhui, Hubei, Shanxi and other provinces. He has formed a basic opinion with respect to the mechanical data testing machine, and believes that the standard will comprehensively and surely affect China's export of EU food contact materials industry, promote and standardize the use of methanol fuel in China, and expand the methanol market demand, Alleviating the current production and operation difficulties faced by China's methanol enterprises is conducive to the promotion of China's coal chemical industry. It is understood that Henan, the province with the largest methanol production capacity in China, has been generally stable since May, and the operating rate of methanol enterprises has risen from 30% to 50%; In other regions, such as Hubei Yihua, the ex factory quotation of methanol is also very stable

since the fourth quarter of last year, the price of domestic methanol has fallen sharply, from more than 4000 yuan per ton before the international financial crisis to more than 1700 yuan per ton. The whole industry is facing unprecedented difficulties. Therefore, expanding demand is undoubtedly the best way to resolve the methanol industry crisis when there is a large gap between the testing strength of special raw materials and finished products. The bosses of the production and distribution enterprises unanimously reflected that the imminent implementation of this standard is tantamount to providing timely help, which gives enterprises a glimpse of the dawn

however, when interviewed in Henan, Anhui, Hubei and other provinces that use vehicle ethanol gasoline, many gas stations and heads of petrochemical industry associations held different views. They believe that the implementation of the standard does not mean that the promotion of methanol fuel will be smooth sailing, but there will be many obstacles. Because in the provinces where ethanol fuel has been promoted, there will be conflicts in the promotion of methanol fuel, and because the production costs of methanol and ethanol are very different, there will be market chaos, illegal operations and other complex situations, which will eventually damage the interests of all parties

some experts strongly oppose the implementation of the standard. Technical experts from Huaibei Zhongrun biomass energy technology development company and Henan Tianguan Group believe that coal to methanol fuel is still a primary energy after all, and it is not sustainable

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