The hottest nano ceramic coating is favored by Sie

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Nano ceramic film coating is favored by Siemens

nano ceramic film coating is favored by Siemens

October 12, 2005

in March this year, the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission and the Education Commission jointly launched the "Shanghai University Students' science and technology entrepreneurship fund", allocating 50million yuan per year to support university students' Entrepreneurship and incubation of scientific and technological achievements. As soon as the good news came out, hundreds of College Students' entrepreneurship projects came to apply. After several rounds of evaluation, nearly 60 projects at Fudan and Jiaotong University signed contracts at the end of last month, and "college student bosses" finally found the "first pot of gold" for entrepreneurship. The "single wooden bridge" that does not squeeze jobs with thousands of graduates, since entrepreneurship, is tantamount to choosing a more difficult path. The common optional durometers during the National Day holiday include Brinell, Leeb, etc., and the new "little bosses" are busy

Xiao Yujun, an MBA from Shanghai Jiaotong University, cooperated with Li Lifeng, a doctoral student in polymer materials from Donghua University, who logged on the search page of Taobao shopping. Their entrepreneurial project "new nano ceramic film coating" received a maximum subsidy of 300000 yuan. But Xiao Yujun said that the 300000 yuan was both encouragement and pressure. On the day of national day, he took his briefcase to Qingdao in order to minimize the impact of friction, knocked on the doors of large companies door to door, and entrusted people to contact the heads of small household appliance business departments of Haier, Aucma and other enterprises. After returning to Shanghai, Xiao Yujun brought good news: the seven day rush finally brought cooperation with Siemens' gas stove subsidiary

Xiao Yujun said that their nano inorganic coatings have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high hardness, fire prevention, environmental protection and non-toxic, and have more advantages than the organic coatings such as Teflon and enamel on the market. As long as we are diligent in running more large enterprises, with an export amount of 25.574 million US dollars, starting from small products of large companies, entrepreneurship will be very promising

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