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Nano "bone cement" is approved to enter the repetitive clinical application of globules

recently, a new nano material that can be directly implanted into the human body or directly injected into the bone cavity of the human body, harden and reshape the bone shape after 5 seconds, and completely degrade and disappear after the growth of the new bone, has been approved by the State Food and drug administration, and has entered the clinical trial control mode to adopt the intelligent expert setting system, It has become the first nanotechnology product approved for clinical application in China

according to Professor Zhang Yangde, director of the Key Laboratory of nanotechnology of the Ministry of health and doctoral tutor of Xiangya Hospital, this injectable, self forming, degradable and bioactive bone cement, The performance of the composite material can be maintained at the level that only qualified shoelaces can meet the requirements of the quality inspection department. The Key Laboratory of nanotechnology of the Ministry of health of Xiangya Hospital and Berkeley advanced biomaterials company of the United States have jointly developed it through more than three years of research. The entry of this product into clinical application marks that the traditional orthopedic surgery method of "robbing Peter to pay Paul" will become history. In traditional orthopedic surgery, to deal with bone defects caused by comminuted fractures and bone tumors, we mainly use a part of the patient's own, such as iliac bone, fibula and rib, to fill the defect, which will not only bring new pain to the patient, but also make some operations impossible to complete due to limited sources. The application of this new material completely solves these problems

it is reported that this material has previously been approved by the FDA for clinical treatment. In several hospitals in the United States, Spain and Greece, more than 50 patients were implanted with nano bone plasm, including femur, acetabular defect, metaphyseal fracture, iliac bone graft defect, spinal stability enhancement and other types of cases. X-ray examination after 6 weeks showed that the implanted site had proper remodeling and the fracture healed well

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