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"Nano" cocoon silk: high technology promotes the transformation and upgrading of Xinyuan

in the middle of the silk with a diameter of only one-fifth of the hair, like "popcorn", leave a vacuum with a radius of only 300 nm, and then inject health medicinal materials into it to achieve health functions such as brain strengthening and sleep promoting. In the meantime, it must also ensure that the elasticity, flexibility, friction resistance, sweat fastness and other indicators of the silk meet the standards. Xinyuan uses high technology to revitalize the cocoon and silk industry and let mankind enjoy the gift of "silkworm"

in the production workshop of Xinyuan cocoon and silk group, a national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization and a national pilot and demonstration enterprise of circular economy, located in Hai'an County, Jiangsu Province, listening to the introduction of chairman Chu Chengping, the traditional industrial impression in my mind was completely overturned. The nanoscale blank, nanoscale drug delivery routes, and the dazzling array of equipment and instruments in the laboratory are clearly the experimental workshops of a high-tech enterprise

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not to mention that there is no dyeing process on the production line of Xinyuan cocoon and silk group

Chu Chengping said that the "silkworm baby", which can spit natural colored cocoons, is the "housekeeping baby" of enterprises. The excellent genetically recombinant colored cocoon variety jointly developed and popularized with Suzhou University has not only received the support of the national "Eleventh Five Year Plan" science and technology support plan and the special support of the transformation of major scientific and technological achievements of the Department of science and technology of Jiangsu Province, but also the "scientific and technological innovation center" of Xinyuan cocoon and silk group, It was approved by the Ministry of science and technology to establish the "national silkworm and cocoon industry engineering technology research center"

compared with the traditional dyeing process, the products of Xinyuan cocoon and silk group are completely free of any chemical products, and the company relies on this series of innovative achievements to sit on the throne of "top one" in China's cocoon and silk industry

"ten thousand pieces of clothes and quilts rise every day", and the indicators of seed production, cocoon production and comprehensive benefits have ranked first at the county level in China for nine consecutive years. Haian cocoon and silk industry led by Xinyuan cocoon and silk group has truly become the first brand of cocoon and silk production in China

"don't worry about raising silkworms, selling cocoons, and having no benefits". In the interview, silkworm farmers praised the "three no worries" policy of Xinyuan cocoon and silk group

"a sericulture household is a well-off household". Among the farmers who signed purchase and sales contracts with Xinyuan cocoon and silk group, the average annual net income has reached 40000 yuan in recent years. Even in 2008 and 2009, when the financial crisis was the most serious, the commitment of Xinyuan cocoon and silk group to purchase at a protective price guaranteed the vital interests of every silkworm farmer

a leading enterprise breeds an industrial cluster, and the high-tech transformation of leading enterprises will in turn drive the pace of transformation and upgrading of this industrial group

in the crisis, the interests of sericulture farmers and the group both increased. Summing up experience, Chu Chengping said: "the experience of the development of Hai'an cocoon and silk industry is to improve the middle and strengthen the two ends. Improving the middle means to improve and stabilize the order of cocoon purchase, and strengthening the two ends means to improve the technical services of sericulture production and the technology of cocoon and silk deep processing. It depends on the invisible hand control price of the market and the hand control order set by the government."

the efforts of three national famous brands, a famous Chinese trademark, a national engineering technology center, and Xinyuan cocoon and silk group have received due rewards. It has become the core base of China's cocoon and silk industry. In Jiangsu Province, a large number of leading enterprises represented by Xinyuan cocoon and silk group have emerged

there is no backward industry, only backward technology. Under the "armed" of high technology, due to frequent experiments and improper operations, Xinyuan cocoon silk will make experimental data in the future due to the screw rod if there is a gap. The group has explained a different traditional industry - "nano" cocoon silk industry to the world

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