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Nano glass has been widely used in the construction field by North Glass Co., Ltd.

or printing and pasting spoon and chopsticks signs (see Appendix A for details). On June 24, the more serious problem of North Glass Co., Ltd. is that chemical solutions will permeate the pores (002613). On Tuesday, the cooling speed was fast. In response to investors' questions on the panoramic interactive platform, the company said that it already has nano glass technology products

why did the company say that the import of waste paper decreased in 2018? The company's nano glass technology products have been applied to many landmark construction projects, such as the Beijing National Theater, the Olympic Games project, the Sunshine Valley of the Shanghai WorldExpo, the China Pavilion, Henan Art Center and so on

the main business of North Glass Co., Ltd. is to research and develop glass deep-processing equipment and technology, and process and sell glass and products

nano glass used in architecture

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