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Nano green printing has become the highlight of Beijing Huairou nano industry group

according to the economy on July 25, up to now, the city's first Nano Technology Industrial Park jointly built by the Beijing Municipal Commission of science and technology and Huairou District of Beijing has been put into the park and is not very familiar with fatigue testing machines. A total of 29 wood plastic products can be seen in projects such as the Shanghai WorldExpo, which have signed contracts to enter the park, The total investment of the contracted project is planned to be about 3.3 billion yuan, initially forming a pattern of rapid agglomeration and development of nano green printing, nano energy, nano water treatment materials, new display materials and other industries. General technical conditions of steel fireproof roller shutter GB 14102 (9) 3

The completion and operation of the industrialization base of green printing technology for nano materials means that a new high-end industrial chain with independent core technology and a value of hundreds of billions of yuan was born in Huairou. The green printing base of nano materials includes two major industrialization projects of the Institute of chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the new generation plate making technology project based on nano materials and the green printing printed circuit board project based on nano materials. The total investment of phase I project is more than 100million yuan, which is mainly used for the industrialization of nano material green printing plate making technology and nano material green printing circuit preparation technology. The products include nano transfer materials, super hydrophilic plates, green printing plate making equipment and related software, nano material printing flexible circuit, etc., and more than 50 invention patents have been applied

further strengthen the standardized management of ships, industrial robots, combined harvesters (harvesters), tractors, foundry and other industries

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