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Taiyuan produced nanocomposite PVC resin

Taiyuan produced nanocomposite PVC resin

June 7, 2001

the technology of nanocomposite polyvinyl chloride (PVC) using nano materials was successfully developed by the chemical plant of Taiyuan Chemical Industry Group in cooperation with Hangzhou Warner

chemical company and passed the expert appraisal. Experts believe that this technology has a high starting point and is at the domestic leading level in this field, filling the gap in the domestic large-scale industrial production of nano PVC

Taiyuan Chemical Industry Group Chemical Plant and Hangzhou Warner Chemical Co., Ltd. cooperated to produce nano calcium carbonate in-situ composite PVC resin through a new in-situ polymerization process that reflects the nano calcium carbonate and vinyl chloride monomer, and the oil quality requirements of the experimental machine brand are the same as those of general industrial valves to a certain extent, which should be considered in the selection of product market retention and product quality, greatly improving the performance of PVC materials. The product has been inspected by the plastic product quality supervision and inspection station of Shanxi Provincial Bureau of technical supervision according to the relevant national standards, and all indicators meet the standard requirements. The pipes and plates made of PVC resin compounded with the lateral bearing capacity and downward bearing capacity of this nano material handrail have been tested by the plastic product supervision and inspection station of Shanxi Provincial Bureau of technical supervision, in which the impact strength of the plates is 2 ~ 4 times higher than that of ordinary PVC, The tensile yield strength of nano PVC pipe (hard) is increased by 76.9%, and the weight of resin used per unit pipe length of core foaming pipe is reduced by 7% - 8%

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