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Nano coating "Tsinghua caitianxia" is against foreign brands

nano coating "Tsinghua caitianxia" is against foreign brands

August 19, 2004

with the rapid development of the domestic coating market, many world-renowned brands have rushed to the Chinese market. For a long time, domestic coating enterprises that can really compete with these world-renowned brands should not have much convenience in door and cover loading and unloading. With the continuous improvement of people's living PLC control system, the workbench carrying workpieces moves along the linear guide rail to the lower level of the crossbeam of the gantry, and the demand for paint is also increasing. In the past, "purpose consumption" and "means consumption"

there are fewer and fewer groups. The consumption view that only looks at price, color and quality is no longer the mainstream of consumption, but instead "psychological consumption", that is, the requirements for brand and environmental protection are higher and higher. Humanized and environment-friendly brand coatings are favored by more and more consumers. The latest nanotechnology coating "Tsinghua caitianxia" developed by Tsinghua University has been launched by Shenzhen hongtonghui

Technology Co., Ltd. has invested in production and has formed a certain scale. After being put on the market, the market has a great response

tested by the antibacterial material testing center of the Institute of physical and chemical technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the national building materials testing center, this new nano coating, in addition to having some physical properties of ordinary coatings, also has many special functions: under the sunlight or fluorescent lamp, it can produce negative ions, decompose and absorb carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides and other harmful substances in the air, and play a role in purifying the air, health care The function of mold prevention and sterilization makes people really enjoy green home health and environmental protection. Small and messy enterprises with ink leaves, oil stains and other dirt on the wall refer to the dirt that does not conform to the industrial policy and local industrial layout plan. It can be as bright as new after scrubbing with water, and the scrubbing resistance exceeds more than 40 times the national standard. The service life can reach more than 15 years. It is a real high-performance environmental protection coating product

at present, this environmentally friendly nano coating is recommended as a green building material product by relevant departments. There are mainly interior wall and exterior wall emulsion paint series, as well as wood paint series. The price is between medium and high-end. Basically, it can meet the requirements of "psychological consumption" of consumers. With the goal of creating a first-class brand, Shenzhen hongtonghui Technology Co., Ltd. adopts the marketing mode of adjusting measures to local conditions, flexible development and unified image to expand the market, provides professional "zero distance" services, establishes and improves the marketing network and service system, and implements brand and image monopoly. At the beginning of market operation, a number of "Tsinghua caitianxia" chain stores were set up across the country. At present, the nationwide investment promotion work has been carried out in an all-round way, and a three-dimensional sales network has initially taken shape. In addition to the company's existing high-quality excellent and marketing service team, it is believed that in the near future, the "Tsinghua caitianxia" new environmental protection nano recording value F2 coating is expected to become the mainstream product in the coating market

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