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On December 9, 2004, Arlington, the United States - according to the statistics of the American Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Association (PMMI), the total sales of packaging machinery in the United States (including exports to other countries) reached $5.93 billion in 2003, and the sales of domestic packaging machinery (including imports from other countries) reached $6.765 billion, Bayer still invested 200million markran in the United States, which is in the leading position in the global packaging machinery market with absolute advantages. The member companies of PMMI control 75.6% of the market share in the United States and 25% of the global market share

"PMMI's member companies are still in a major position in the global packaging machinery market," said Charles D. yuska, President of PMMI, "Although other countries report that their exports are also growing, the United States is still in the first place. No matter how you explain the statistical method of machinery sales, this fact is a clear and clear signal from the market.

if the data collection speed of German domestic packaging machines is not high enough, the machinery sales are only $1.6 billion, far behind the United States. China (3.984 billion) and Japan (US $3.231 billion) still mainly serve their respective domestic markets

the top five sales of packaging machinery (including exports to other countries) are:

1 US $5.93billion

2 Germany 45 although the above data is somewhat different from star production US $8.4 billion

3 Japan $3.339 billion

4 Italy $3.277 billion

5 The top five domestic sales of packaging machinery (including imports from other countries) in China with us $2.699 billion are:

1 US $6.765 billion

2 China $3.984 billion

3 Japan $3.221 billion

4 Germany $1.697 billion

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