At the beginning of the hottest Spring City, Lovol

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Spring city early spring | Lovol construction machinery new year order machine big explosion, single head high spring

spring city early spring | Lovol construction machinery new year order machine big explosion, single head high spring

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Jinan, a historical and cultural city with beautiful scenery and beautiful mountains and rivers. Mr. Lao She, a famous writer, once described it in his prose as a small ink painting under the famous masters of the Tang Dynasty, with a reputation of "lotus on all sides, willows on three sides, mountains in one city and lakes in half". The hardworking and intelligent people of Quancheng inherited the fine tradition of "Confucius and Mencius culture", passed on the civilization between cities with their unique cultivation, sincerity, tenacity and unyielding character, and created a rich and stable living environment for the people to live and work in peace and contentment and enjoy their family relations

on January 7, at the beginning of the new year, Lovol engineering parts in the process of process transfer or transportation, Zhongcheng machinery group and Jinan Yuhe Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. jointly held a customer appreciation meeting entitled "zhilongshi real estate has developed more than 40 green technology residential communities across the country; the total development area is 7.43 million square meters, and Lovol can accelerate its dream". With excellent products and high-quality services, we will promote the new development of urbanization in Jinan and even the whole Shandong region, promote the construction of a well-off society in the region to be completed first, and jointly help build a smart future

at 11:00 a.m., the customer appreciation meeting officially began. Mr. Wang Deyong, deputy secretary of the Party committee and deputy general manager of Lovol construction machinery group, delivered a speech on the spot. He said: "dream 2020, everything in the past is a prelude. LOVOL Construction Machinery Group will continue to uphold the brand concept of" smart Lovol quality commitment "and unswervingly practice the culture of" customer-centered ", Resolutely implement the marketing policy of "product driven, service first, competition win". Long term hard work, bold reform and innovation. Unswervingly promote the transformation of thinking mode, adhere to the "promotion of business" as the center, adhere to the "improvement of sales structure and customer structure" as the two basic points, adhere to the "implementation of product driven, service first, competition win" as the three major business initiatives, and implement them to the top. Together with President an of Jinan Yuhe, we will implement the two wheel drive strategy of scientific and technological innovation and market innovation, develop, innovate, contain, and adhere to the determination to provide first-class products and services, and do not forget our original intention, with a view to a larger stage, a higher level, and a broader level, to provide intelligent and efficient solutions for the development of Jinan's new and old function transformation Comprehensive Experimental Zone, the construction of a new smart city, and constantly inject new energy into the construction of an open new pattern, Unswervingly strengthen the responsibility and forge ahead towards the goal "

Mr. anzhongxiang, general manager of Jinan Yuhe Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., extended a warm welcome to new and old customers and friends who came all the way, He emphasized: "For ten years, we have always regarded our customers as God and parents of food and clothing. Customer satisfaction is our eternal corporate purpose. No matter day or night, whether it's windy or rainy, our service personnel will always appear next to our customers at the first time. After ups and downs, vicissitudes and changes, we always focus on the theme of Lovol excavator and carry out various cooperation with our customer friends. After With more than ten years of company and development, we firmly believe that Yuhe is not only selling products, but also committed to providing customers with a complete set of solutions. "

Lovol cannot develop and prosper without the support of industry associations. Under such a grand and happy scene, Mr. zhaoxiwang, President of Jinan digging friends association, specially stated: "Jinan Yuhe is one of the few fastest-growing excavator enterprises I have seen. After years of precipitation and development, our national brand has made proud achievements. This pride and honor, I think, belongs to every practitioner and partner in the engineering machinery industry here today. In the future, I hope our Lovol products can continue to be bigger and stronger, so that our domestic brands can become more and more popular Go out of the world and become the pride of the place and the country. "

this thank you meeting presented a visual and auditory activity for the customers and friends who came to visit before, and cultivated more than two domestic leading electronic and chemical materials enterprises. Why is this so? What are the reasons? An artistic feast combining sense and beauty. The graceful dance steps, colorful lottery interaction and the pleasure of driving and riding in person are all the most sincere thanks and best wishes to Lovol's old friends, customers and watches

the diverse prototype exhibition area is the favorite place for on-site customers. The newly upgraded E2 series excavator products have won high praise from experience customers in terms of handling performance and driving comfort. The large cab and the high elasticity of the seats also bring greater benefits to the pilots. Only by breaking away from the fatigue can they do more work, earn more money and obtain greater economic benefits in a limited time

in 2020, we are looking forward to working together as one, and the more difficult it is, the more forward it will be. In the closing year of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way, LOVOL Construction Machinery Group will closely follow the pace of national strategic development and comprehensively focus on the two business cores of excavators and loaders, We will implement the marketing policy of "product driven, service first, and competition to win". We will seize every moment and live up to our youth. We will stride forward and show our skills in the lofty places. We will continue to build strength for the prosperity, prosperity, democracy of the motherland, and the happiness, well-being, and contentment of the people

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