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Packaging machinery going abroad starts with low-end products

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core tip: whether Chinese packaging machinery can open the U.S. market is related to the technical level of Chinese packaging machinery on the one hand, and the form of the U.S. packaging machinery market on the other hand

[China Packaging News] whether China's packaging machinery can open the U.S. market is related to the technical level of China's packaging machinery on the one hand, and the market form of U.S. packaging machinery adjustment and optimization of industrial structure on the other hand

it is understood that at present, the polarization of American food packaging machinery manufacturers is obvious. Small and exquisite electronic products represented by testing, preparation and coding devices are developing vigorously in the United States; And the general-purpose packaging machinery mainly including heat shrinkable packaging machine, wrapping machine and sealing machine also accounts for a considerable proportion; The large-scale packaging machinery production lines, mainly including filling machines, labeling machines and capping machines, are basically no longer produced in the United States, and the market is almost occupied by imported equipment, especially the equipment produced by German and Italian manufacturers

the manufacturing level and industrial design level of China's food packaging machinery have developed rapidly through imitation, introduction of technology and capital, and global procurement, with low cost. Today, China's packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises can easily obtain some key parts through global procurement, so as to rapidly improve the technical level and reliability of equipment

if we say that large-scale commercial search engines usually provide such functions on automatic packers, labeling machines, sealing machines, robots and other equipment, and the food machinery made in China can't compete with German, Italian and Japanese products, then in some products with low technical content, many packaging machinery produced in China can already meet the requirements of the American market, And is most likely to make breakthrough progress in the short term

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