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The formation scale of Fujian packaging machinery industry

compared with the frost resistance index in Table 3 ten years ago, Fujian packaging machinery industry has now formed a scale. There are dozens of packaging machinery enterprises in the province. It is reported that the packaging machinery produced is worth hundreds of millions of yuan. In addition to supplying the domestic market, some of them are exported to Southeast countries

the rapid development of packaging machinery in Fujian Province is mainly due to the fact that most enterprises have strengthened their enterprise management system and introduced foreign advanced technology, which has significantly upgraded their products and increased their competitiveness in the market. For example, Xiamen IMAX company uses advanced French technology to manufacture a series of inkjet printers, which are exported to Southeast Asian countries. The color printing machine of deligao (Putian) Machinery Co., Ltd. has the international advanced technical level. The development of this product not only meets the domestic market, but also exports to Southeast Asian countries. The high-precision flexible packaging printing machinery of Changle Huazhou Machinery Co., Ltd. has a certain level in the same industry. The automatic can seam welding machine, sealing machine, polypropylene film blowing machine, particle packaging machine and other equipment in the province have a certain production scale

Fujian Province is one of the earliest provinces in China to open to the outside world. In particular, it has close economic and technological links with Southeast Asian countries, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and there are many foreign investment projects, which provides conditions for the development of packaging machinery in the province

at present, the packaging machinery in Fujian Province is a seller's market, especially in various trade fairs and exhibitions held in Fujian Province or other provinces and cities, the transaction volume of each product is millions of yuan, and the intention contract is also millions of yuan. From the perspective of market demand, there is a large space for the development of packaging machinery manufacturing in Fujian Province

the packaging machinery industry in Fujian Province is determined not only to meet the real-time tightening in the province in the future development; Demand, but also for the national and international market. The industry should not only learn and introduce advanced technology, but also organize enterprises in the same industry in a planned way to promote the formation of products that are harmless to human health and achieve large-scale production. For example, there are many manufacturing enterprises of hot film shrink packaging machines and sealing machines in the province, but most of the products are produced repeatedly in low-grade, with low economic benefits, but there is a shortage of high-grade products, which can not meet the market demand. Another example is that there are 7 pulp molding equipment manufacturing plants in the province. If they are organized, reasonably divide labor and strengthen cooperation, they can develop a series of marketable products with complete varieties, advanced technology and low cost

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