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Packaging machinery exhibition is about to open FANUC intelligent robot "scan" in advance

from April 8 to 10, 2011, China Beijing international food processing and packaging machinery exhibition (cifie), hosted by China Food Industry Association, was grandly held in China International Exhibition Center. Shanghai FANUC robot Co., Ltd. will bring a variety of intelligent robots to the stage to bring the most advanced automation solutions to the food packaging industry

at present, food production is completed according to large-scale standardized industrial procedures. In this process, we should not only ensure the quality of the food itself, but also ensure the quantity of output. At the same time, we should also meet strict hygienic standards and a series of strict requirements for packaging according to fiber content, appearance and so on. As a typical representative of the most advanced automation technology, the emergence of robots provides a perfect solution, which enables food enterprises to find a good balance between ensuring production and controlling costs. Fanuc (FANUC), a world robotics expert, has worked hard in the food industry to provide customers with the most suitable solutions for packaging, stacking, handling, sorting and so on

the first robot brought this time is: the spider robot FANUC robot m-3ia, which integrates many highlights: first, FANUC robot m-3ia is a unique 6-axis mechanism in the world, which can rotate the wrist freely, has greater flexibility, has a wider range of applications, and is more suitable for various operations such as whole train and assembly; Second, FANUC robot m-3ia realizes high-speed action and high precision by using ultra light linkage mechanism; Third, FANUC is the only robot manufacturer in the world that provides integrated vision system. The combination of m-3ia and visual sensor or mechanical sensor can enable it to accurately find the location of goods and truly realize completely unmanned operation; Fourth, FANUC robot m-3ia is a robot with high lifting weight and a wider range of motion. It can realize high-speed handling with a quality of 6kg. In the assembly line operation, it can greatly improve the production efficiency and save labor costs. In addition, its completely sealed structure has the functions of dust-proof and water-proof, and its application in the food industry will greatly meet the requirements of safety and pollution-free

the second robot brought this time is FANUC robot m-1ia, the world's fastest fist robot, equipped with a multi axis wrist that adapts to complex assembly operations. It has high flexibility and can realize rapid packaging, accurate picking, labeling and other work in all directions. On the production line, it only needs simple isolation to realize the collinear production of machines and people, which creates a great opportunity for the operators who use the equipment for the first time to reduce the printing suitability of the film under the guidance of skilled operators and save production costs

the third intelligent robot participating in the exhibition, FANUC robot m-410ib, a large high-speed robot, has unique advantages in stacking cartons, bagged goods, etc. From the high-speed handling type with a load of 160kg to the overweight type with a load of 700kg, customers can choose freely according to their needs. At the same time, it is also the best embodiment of the advanced design concept of being the third most integrated and compact in passenger cars. The control unit no longer needs cable connection and is easy to set up; The hollow wrist is adopted, without considering the factors of pipeline swing, which greatly shortens the time of program debugging and accelerates the progress of production. Equipped with high-performance controller r-j3ic, it is able to face various working environments

as the world's first enterprise with robot sales exceeding 200000 units, FANUC (FANUC) has provided new ideas and methods for the key indicators of customer production, such as improving production capacity, enhancing the accuracy and stability of production process, and reducing costs, in the cooperation with Mengniu, Coca Cola, Huiyuan, Zhujiang Beer and many other customers, which has been widely recognized and praised

welcome to booth 6073, hall 6, China International Exhibition Center, Beijing, to experience the strength and charm of FANUC intelligent robots

note: FANUC is the world's most diversified manufacturer of FA (factory automation), robots and intelligent machinery. Since its establishment in 1956, the company has always been a pioneer in the development of computer numerical control equipment in the world, making outstanding contributions in the field of automation. In the 1970s, FANUC became the largest professional CNC system manufacturer in the world, accounting for 70% of the global market share. In 2008, FANUC became the largest robot manufacturer in the world, the first robot manufacturer in the world to exceed 200000 robots, and its market share remained the first

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