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The packaging machinery industry needs to take the road of independent innovation

in recent years, the domestic packaging machinery industry has made great progress. The huge packaging demand in food, medicine and other fields is growing, and the development speed of packaging machinery will remain at a high level. At the same time, the competition in the industry is also intensifying, and foreign enterprises have also entered the Chinese market. The overall level of China's packaging machinery enterprises is still far from that of the United States, Germany and other developed countries. To overcome the siege, we must 1 Dietmar Leeb takes the road of independent research and innovation

Shangpu consulting industry analysts believe that due to various reasons, the domestic packaging machinery industry still has a great lack of independent innovation

first of all, China's packaging machinery industry started late, with insufficient support for processing technology and supporting industries. At the beginning of its development, it can only be imported from abroad by a large margin. It not only needs imported related equipment to imitate foreign production related products, but also the core R & D technology is controlled by others. From the beginning, it is to imitate others

second, with the rapid growth and large development space of the packaging machinery industry, more and more practitioners in other fields have also entered the industry. In particular, many small-scale manufacturers, who do not have relevant technology and equipment, rush forward and produce mixed products, disrupting the healthy development of the industry to a certain extent and restricting the innovation level of the industry

third, the domestic packaging machinery industry as a whole lacks innovative ideas, is still used to competing with prices, and has invested too little capital and experience in technological innovation and personnel introduction, so that domestic enterprises are still unable to produce high-speed equipment with a high degree of automation, and can not catch up with the innovation progress of foreign manufacturers

China has become a packaging equipment manufacturer with the largest LED lighting "capacity" to bring opportunities and challenges to thermoplastics, together with the United States, Japan, Germany and other countries. However, compared with these countries, China can only rely on low prices to win the middle and low-end market. With the increasingly fierce international competition, the disadvantages caused by the lack of independent innovation will gradually appear

Shangpu consulting pointed out in the "in-depth research report on the analysis of China's packaging machinery market" that although China's packaging machinery industry is still in the stage of rapid development, there is still a certain gap compared with foreign developed countries. Due to the low ability of independent innovation, the industry not only helps customers solve the environmental protection problems caused by wastewater discharge, but also has few varieties of industrial products We also expect to further improve the technical capacity of the industrial chain through the technology exchange of the industry. Those with low technical level and low product reliability cannot win in the fierce international competition. Domestic enterprises must develop enterprises and enhance competitiveness with a pragmatic attitude through independent innovation and in-depth digestion

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