Reasons and solutions for the poor printing effect

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Reasons and solutions for poor advertising printing effect

in newspaper printing, prepress advertising production and printing are basically in a state of disconnection. Once the advertising printing effect is poor, the advertising department immediately requires the printing factory to compensate, on the grounds that the advertising printing is not good, and the advertising fee cannot be recovered. The author learned that the correct operation method is to rotate to the right for 1 time. Many large newspaper printing centers have experienced similar situations many times

after careful analysis of newspapers with poor advertising printing effect, the main problem is that small characters can't be read clearly. The reason for further refinement is that the advertising producers do not understand the printing process. This paper analyzes several aspects that cause poor advertising printing effect, and puts forward corresponding solutions

1. Foreign advertising is film, which affects advertising.

advertising film usually has a poor printing effect. First, there is a patch error in the artificial patch, which may lead to inaccurate overprint; Second, the parameters and film quality of the film are different in different places, so it is difficult to accurately grasp the exposure and development time in plate making. For example, the same advertisement was published in the local evening newspapers on May 8 and May 14. Because the film provided on May 14 was film, the white words on the dark blue background could not be seen clearly after printing. Later, through measurement, it was found that the number of foreign film lines was 110 lines/inch; The advertisement on May 8 is the film output by our company. The number of lines is 120 lines/inch, and the printing effect is much better. After comparing the newspapers of two days, the staff of the advertising department had to admit that it was because of their reasons that the advertising printing effect was poor

film needs to be pasted manually, which is time-consuming and labor-consuming, and sometimes affects the timeliness of newspaper publishing. Now our company adopts the screen output machine to split the film, which can be directly perforated and printed. However, due to the need to paste the film, we have to cut the split film first and then paste it, which is a waste of time

in addition, even if problems are found in the provided film, it can basically not be changed (only simple repairs can be made), while electronic files are very convenient to modify

therefore, it is better for the advertising department to provide electronic documents of advertisements rather than film. Of course, companies with economic strength can consider buying a high-quality point scanner to solve the problem of foreign films

2. Advertisements made by Photoshop have false words when printed.

newspapers have fast printing speed, strong ink absorption and high dot increase rate. If you don't pay attention to this feature of newspaper printing in advertising production, the text will be falsely entered in Photoshop when printing, and the small words on the newspaper will be more obvious, because the words in Photoshop are lattice

at present, most newspapers use founder Feiteng software for typesetting, while advertisements are mostly completed by Photoshop and CorelDRAW software. Photoshop is very convenient and advantageous in image processing, but it is deficient in text processing. The words in CorelDRAW are vector, so the effect of entering words in CorelDRAW is better. Therefore, in the production of newspaper advertisements, it is best to use Photoshop to deal with the pictures of China's high molecular material industry, which is large but not strong, while the text content is completed in CorelDRAW. Because Feiteng software does not support CDR files, therefore (CoreIDRAW documents must be output before they can be discharged into the Feiteng layout. According to the actual comparison, the documents output in EPS format can be printed clearly in newspapers. However, advertisements sometimes make mistakes after being converted to EPS, and the company has certainly encountered the phenomenon of missing pictures and texts after being converted to EPS format.

3. The small print is designed to be multicolor overprint, and the words after printing are blurred.

generally there are two cases, one is that the small print is overprinted in black with four-color ink. This In this case, it is recommended to use monochrome black, because the four (3) electrical control lines refer to the international standard color small characters, which are required to be overprinted very accurately during printing. Otherwise, the phenomenon of word pasting will occur. When making, you should pay attention to the color of the words. If you find it difficult to modify the title at the printing stage after making it, because the transmitted advertising pictures are generally combined with layers, which is not easy to modify

the second case is the anti white words on the dark shading, which cannot be considered as no color. In fact, in the printing process, we should register the dark shading at the position of self characters, that is, printing multi-color characters. If the overprint is slightly inaccurate, the effect will be very poor. Therefore, it is suggested that if there are anti white words on the dark shading and the text is small, it is best to set the dark shading to monochrome. In this way, the printing effect will be much better

4. After making the advertisement, you should check the printing effect by yourself, mainly in terms of text.

open Photoshop and CoreIDRAW to make the advertisement. For the text No. 5 and below (generally, overprint words should not appear below No. 4), zoom in and use straw tools to check whether it is multicolor. If it is multicolor, the printing effect will be affected. At the same time, zoom in to see if the text will appear false. If the edge is jagged after zooming in several times, the words may not be entered in CoreIDRAW, but if these words are very small, they will certainly appear false in printing

through contact and negotiation with advertising companies and printing process training for advertising producers, advertisers pay attention to the problems existing in advertising production. The printing department shall propose to the advertising department in advance that in the process of prepress picture processing, the advertising production that may affect the printing effect should be considered. If it can be modified, it should be modified. At present, the advertising printing effect of our company has been greatly improved, and the claims of advertising department 7 are less than before

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