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Reasons and solutions for the large opening of the color box after forming

the packaging color box of the product should not only have bright colors and generous design, but also require the carton to be beautiful, square and upright, the indentation line is clear and smooth, and the line does not explode, etc. However, there are often some thorny problems in the production process, such as the opening of some packaging cartons is too large after forming. This is especially true for drug packaging cartons, which face thousands of patients. The poor quality of packaging cartons directly affects consumers' trust in products. At the same time, the large number of drug packaging boxes and small specifications make it more difficult to solve the problem. Now, combined with my practical work experience, I will focus on developing the economy and improving people's livelihood. I will discuss with my colleagues about the situation that the opening of the drug packaging box is too large after forming

there are various reasons for the excessive opening of the carton after forming, and the decisive factors are mainly in two aspects: first, the reasons on the paper, including the use of web paper, the water content of the paper, and the fiber direction of the paper. 2、 Technological reasons include surface treatment, template making, depth of indentation line and mosaic format. If these two problems can be solved well, the problem of carton forming will be solved accordingly

first, paper is the main factor affecting the forming of cartons

as you know, most of them now use roller paper, and some of them are imported roller paper. Due to the problems of site and transportation, it is required to cut the paper in China. The storage time of the cut paper is short. In addition, some manufacturers sell and buy it now under the condition of difficult capital turnover. Therefore, most of the cut paper is not completely flat and still has the trend of curling. If you buy the sliced flat paper directly, the situation is much better. At least it has a certain storage process after slicing. In addition, the moisture content of the paper must be evenly distributed, and must be balanced with the surrounding temperature and humidity, otherwise, over time, deformation will also occur. If the cut paper is stacked for a long time and not used in time, the water content of the four sides is greater than or less than that of the middle, and the paper will bend. Therefore, in the process of using the paper jam, the paper cut on the same day should be used on the same day. It should not be stacked for a long time to avoid causing the deformation of the paper. The opening of the carton after forming is too large, and there is also a factor of the fiber direction of the paper. The paper fiber arrangement has small deformation in the transverse direction and large deformation in the vertical direction. Once the opening direction of the carton is parallel to the fiber direction of the paper, this phenomenon of opening bulging is very obvious. As the paper absorbs water in the printing process, after UV varnish, polishing, film coating and other surface treatments, the paper will be more or less deformed in the production process. The tension between the surface and bottom of the deformed paper is inconsistent. Once the paper is deformed, because both sides of the carton have been bonded and fixed when it is formed, only it opens outward, there will be too large opening after forming

II. Process operation is also a factor that cannot be ignored when the opening of color box forming is too large

1. UV glazing is usually used for the surface treatment of drug packaging cover "Film, polishing and other processes. Among them, glazing, film coating and polishing make the paper dehydrated at high temperature, and the water content is significantly reduced. Then, through position extension, some paper fibers will be brittle and deformed. Especially for the paperboard with water-based machine film covering more than 300g, the stretching of the paper is more obvious, and the products from the film coating have the phenomenon of inward bending, which generally need to be artificially corrected. The temperature of the polished products should not be too high, and generally controlled below 80 ℃ After polishing, it usually needs to be placed for about 24 hours, and the next process can be carried out only after the product is fully cooled, otherwise there will be wire explosion

2. The production technology of die-cutting plate also affects the forming of carton. The production of manual plate is relatively poor, and the specification, cutting and scimitar of each place are not well grasped. Generally, manufacturers basically eliminate the manual plate and choose the beer plate made by laser knife mold company. But what are the precautions for the hydraulic material testing machine in the handling process? And whether the size of the high and low lines is set according to the weight of the paper, whether the specification of the knife line is applicable to all the paper thickness, and whether the depth of the die line is appropriate all affect the effect of carton forming. The die line is the mark pressed out on the surface of the paper through the pressure between the template and the machine. If the die line is too deep, the fibers of the paper will be deformed due to pressure; If the die line is too shallow, the paper fiber is not fully pressed. Due to the elasticity of the paper itself, when both sides of the carton are formed and folded back, the notch on the opening edge will expand outward, forming the phenomenon that the opening opens too large

3. In order to ensure good indentation effect, in addition to selecting appropriate indentation line and high-quality steel knife, we should also pay attention to the adjustment of machine pressure, the selection of rubber strips and standardized installation. Generally, printing manufacturers use pasted board to adjust the depth of the indentation line. We know that cardboard is generally loose in texture and not hard enough. The effect is that the indentation line is not full and durable. If imported bottom mold materials can be used, the indentation line will be fuller

4. The main way to solve the fiber direction of paper is to find a way from the typography format. Nowadays, the fiber direction of paper in the market is basically fixed, mostly in the longitudinal direction, while the printing of color boxes is a certain number of pieces of folio, three folio or Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. in the face of national direct sales of various testing and experimental machines, four folio paper printing, generally speaking, on the premise of not affecting the product quality, the more pieces of paper, the better, because this can reduce the waste of materials, Thus reducing the cost, but blindly considering the material cost without considering the fiber direction, the formed carton can not meet the requirements of customers. In general, it is ideal that the fiber direction of the paper is perpendicular to the direction of the opening

to sum up, as long as we pay attention to this aspect in the production process and try to avoid it from the aspects of paper and technology, the problem of excessive opening after carton forming is also easy to solve

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